5 Tips to Help You Say Bye Bye Blisters and Hello to a Happy Summer!

5 Tips to Help You Say Bye Bye Blisters and Hello to a Happy Summer!

Summer is a major season for developing excruciating and unpleasant blisters from your shoes. The blisters don’t come only from high heels, but also from any type of shoe, including flats, sandals, sneakers and flip-flops. The friction related to these irritations is not good for your poor feet. So how can you prevent or treat blisters? Here are 5 tips that will help you to find the solution (or more than one) that’s best for you and your feet:


Buy the right shoe

Always try on both shoes in the store and walk around for a bit. You may not know this but everyone has one foot that’s slightly smaller than the other. The most important thing is for you to feel comfortable since the wrong shoes can result in the development of blisters. Buying the correct size and best shape for your feet can actually help prevent blisters. TIP: Try to wear your new shoes around the house first to break them in; try not to wear them for long walks right away since your feet are not used to them yet.

the right shoe

Avoid Irritations

There’s nothing worse than that chafing feeling, especially when you are wearing new footwear. Believe it or not, your feet are one of the most sensitive parts of your body (which is why a small pebble can feel like a rock in your shoe). In order to banish chafing discomfort, we recommend ChafeZone, a superior, water-free formulation that glides on to prevent rubbing, chafing and irritation. A quick swipe of ChafeZone helps you to avoid common irritations. It’s like a deodorant stick for your body, which comes in a convenient travel-ready size.


Drink water

Keep hydrated! Drinking water, and even sports drinks with electrolytes (salts), keeps your body fluids in balance. If you get dehydrated, this can contribute to blisters.


Try to cover up the affected areas

When you begin to feel an irritation or hot area on your foot while walking, stop immediately and apply a covering to it in order to prevent a full blister. You can use sports tape, such as Leukotape, to prevent friction. If you do not have sports tape handy, a band aid can do the trick. The drugstore is full of options. Just make sure to cover it before you sleep or before long walks. TIP: Ladies, find something that you can easily carry in your purse. As a woman, you know that it’s always best to be prepared.


Use Polyester/Synthetic Socks

A sweaty sock can create blisters from friction while you walk or run but the secret to prevent blisters is using Polyester/Synthetic Socks, not cotton. Cotton socks are the worst choice for walkers since they are poor at wicking sweat away from the foot. Even the University of Missouri-Columbia conducted a study of athletic socks and found that “100 percent cotton socks were usually the worst, especially when a person started to sweat.” Basically, cotton and synthetic socks were tested for producing blisters and the result was that nylon socks were much better at preventing blisters. Spending more for a higher quality cotton sock didn’t help either – cheaper brands of synthetic socks beat cotton socks at any price. Synthetic fabrics such as nylon, polyester, polypropylene and acrylic draw the moisture away from the skin so it can be evaporated in the shoe.


BONUS TIP: One of my secrets is to apply something like BlisterZone by MedZone. It is more of a preventative measure, to be applied before repetitive friction can cause blisters to occur. So whether you are wearing high heels, pointe shoes or ballet slippers, work boots or ski boots, skates or cleats, BlisterZone can prevent blisters from forming. This not only provides a friction barrier and comfort for the feet but also it can be used on your hands, inside gloves, wetsuits and even bathing suits … anywhere you have a tendency to blister. What a perfect solution to prevent blisters and keep your body (including your feet) looking and feeling beautiful all year round!


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