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Dreams in Heels (DIH) is a Trendy Blogazine focused on travel destinations, style & beauty and the power of influence. Essentially, it is your Ultimate Passport to Travel and Dream in Style! Founded by NYC based writer, adventurer and fashionista, Olga Maria Czarkowski, Dreams in Heels was designed to inspire and empower women all around the world to live their lives to the fullest each and every day.

If you have ever wanted to visit far lands and exotic places…there is no better time than right now. Again, why Dreams in Heels? Well, if you have a bucket list and a burning desire to see fabulous places, then you can take a sneak peak into extravagant and indigenous cultures, people and lifestyles.

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Driven Experience on a Pro Baja Trophy Truck with Ex Nascar Driver, Andrew Hendricks! Location: Gayeway Canyons, Colorado

Driving a boat at Liscombe Lodge in Nova Scotia, Canada

Driving a boat at Liscombe Lodge in Nova Scotia, Canada


Our friend La Llama says hi from St. Andrews in New Brunswick, Canada!

Griffith Observatory - Los Angeles

Griffith Observatory – Los Angeles


Greetings from Riviera Maya, Mexico!

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