Allen Alejandro, The New Sensation of Salsa Music

Allen Alejandro, The New Sensation of Salsa Music

Allen Alejandro began his singing career in 2000 when he studied singing at Bergen College.  A professor prompted him to participate in a college show where he won first place.

Opportunities presented themselves which have blessed him to sing with the many greats of Salsa such as Tito Nieves, Jerry Rivera, Oscar Del Leon, Domingo Quiñones, Jose Alberto “El Canario” and many more.  All these legendary artists have schooled him in the artistic world of salsa.

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Allen has had the opportunity to participate in various shows such as Canto Como la Nueva Estrella, American Idol, and La Mega Estrella where he won first place. He was also given the opportunity to travel and entertain the countries of South America and Puerto Rico.

Allen’s talent and humbling demeanor are impressive. As a composer, he has an ability to write the stories of life and combine them with passion and expressive, amazing melodies that can transcend a moment, reach deep inside your soul and musical mind and make you listen. His objective is to not only bring Salsa back to life,  but to bring back the experience of music and movement which can once again reawaken the powerful, satisfying, flirtatious, sensuous sounds of Salsa.

Allen never loses his faith in God. His mother and grandmother are his angels who are always with him.


Listen to one of his song Lyrics, Recuerdame from his first album El Comienzo on the link below and stay tuned for his new music video of the song La Prima del Diablo!


You can find Allen Allejandro on Facebook:

Instagram: @allenalejandro


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