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Author: Dreams in Heels

Chipped nails while out of town? Find the best nail salons in the U.S. and follow these tips for the health of your nails!

As a beauty addict myself, I am always looking for the best places to have my nails done. But in terms of nail salons, for me, it is not all about glitz and glam, but mostly about cleanliness and efficiency. Since I travel a lot for business around the U.S., sometimes I cannot go to my regular nail technician in New York. Here are some tips on how I find the best nail salons when I am traveling and what you need to know before visiting one. Learn how to clearly communicate your needs.  The right nail technician can...

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6 Things All Curly Girls Should Know

Curly hair is both a blessing and a curse. When all conditions are right, and the stars align you have a crowning glory of beautiful shining locks. But add a little bit of moisture or a sleepless night, and you’re looking at a bird’s nest. The thing about curly hair is that it is high maintenance. It needs careful understanding, the right products, and a lot of care. Here are 6 things all Curly Girls should know.   There Are Several Different Types Of Curly Hair The first thing to be aware of is that there lots of different...

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Yes – Oil Is the Skin’s Natural Moisture Barrier

How many times have you wondered whether your skin has the right amount of oil or not? How often have you tried to figure out whether there is a concrete definition of ‘oily skin’? Somewhere over the last several decades, we seem to have become obsessed with skin oil to the point that a lot of people misunderstand what it is all about. Indeed, how many people know that oil is the skin’s natural moisture barrier? The skin is the largest organ in the human body. It is also one of the most vital components of the immune system....

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Take Fashion Inspiration From Your Boyfriend’s Wardrobe (Yes, You Read That Right!)

Fashion and your other half might not be two words you would typically put together. After all, guys can tend to make some errors when it comes to their wardrobe. However, a lot of the clothes they wear can actually be bang-on-trend when it comes to creating your wardrobe. Therefore, you might be able to get some ideas of clothes you should wear to look fashionable and be super comfortable at the same time! Here is how you can take fashion inspiration from your boyfriend’s wardrobe!   Get some oversized shirts   Guys love to wear shirts for informal...

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Margarita Tops The List Of America’s Favorite Cocktail: Happy National Margarita Day! (Recipe)

With the first day of spring just around the corner (March 20th 2017), what better way to get in the spirit of the season than to celebrate a holiday dedicated to everyone’s favorite drink: National Margarita Day! It will also keep you warm for what is left of the winter season. According to Nielsen, the Margarita is America’s most popular cocktail, and Tequila Don Julio has a new recipe that’s perfect for you to serve, sip, and savor this February 22nd. It even has a spicy kick to it! Ready to start making this fun recipe? In honor of...

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