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Beauty Travel Habits To Take On Your Next Getaway

If you’re currently planning your next vacation, exploration, or adventure, you’ll want to ensure that you’re feeling confident, and photo-ready. One of the great things about being able to travel to new and exciting destinations is the memories you’ll make. Many of the memories will be able to be captured through photographs for your walls at home, and, of course, your social media. Therefore, you’ll want to be feeling happy and confident in yourself, both inside and out so that it shines through in each picture. You’re probably already aware that a trip of any length of time takes careful ... Read more

Getting Practical Before Jetting Away – Helpful Travel Tips

Let’s be honest; us travelers are stereotypical dreamers. We jump into any adventure with our whole hearts. We embrace experiences wherever we can, and always imagine where we could go next. Life is, after all, for the living. And we intend to live it to the full. But, our very desire for experience can cause problems. In truth, most of us jump into the next journey without stopping to consider the practical stuff. Planning and organization hardly fit with the nomadic lifestyles we’re attempting to live. But, if you want to carry on saying yes to life, it can’t all ... Read more

Exclusive Look Inside: The Nolet Family, Ketel One Distillery Tour in Schiedam Holland

Through my travels around the world, I am most inspired when getting to know brands that not only stand for quality business and excellence, but those who also preserve their family traditions and legacy. Especially when, generation after generation and beyond, they are surviving and thriving even, while overcoming economic depressions, changes in popularity (by era), technology and much more. This is why today, I would like to take you on a Ketel One distillery tour an even further to enjoy an exclusive look inside of how one family, The Nolet’s, created and continue to maintain high quality products in ... Read more

Insider Tips for Ukraine: An ultimate visitor’s guide to Europe’s most underrated country

When many people think about traveling around Europe, they will usually first think about France, Italy, United Kingdom, Spain and other Western European countries. Most of the time, lots of travelers would not venture to go Far East to visit the countries in Eastern Europe. This is probably due to what people hear and read through media along with prior historical situations between countries. Thus, the world has a lower image and opinion about Eastern Europe vs. the rest of Europe. As I was embarking on my first trip to Ukraine, many times people warned me against going there because they ... Read more

Why the best time to visit Colorado is now!

Many people, ask themselves when is the best time to visit Colorado. In my humble opinion, the best time is now! Colorado is a magnificent place to visit regardless of the time of the year. I truly enjoy this US state and it has become one of my favorite because of all the unique, amazing experiences to be had there. This is why I decided to write this post explaining the reasons why you should visit Colorado today. Breathtaking views Colorado’s scenic beauty is spectacular. The backdrop of the Rocky Mountains alone already makes visiting Colorado for your next vacation totally worthwhile. It ... Read more

Berlin Insider tips: Visiting Berlin, Germany for the first time!

Are you visiting Berlin, Germany for the first time? Then you have come to the right place. As a Berlin local, having lived there full-time for over a year (and now it’s one of my home-bases), I’ve created this local guide with Berlin insider tips, the top things to do (must-see/dos), what food you must-try and more. Warning: You may feel the urge to visit Berlin immediately! But this guide is especially made to make your visit effortless, more affordable and just simply wonderful overall! Looking for Berlin Insider tips?! Let’s get started. How many days should you plan to spend ... Read more

Luxembourg in Europe is not to be missed: Top Things to do in Luxembourg City in one day!

Over the summer, I got invited to experience the vibrant culture, beautiful fairytale castles, architecture, food flavors and diversity of languages Luxembourg has to offer. Did you know that Luxembourg is one of the smallest countries in Europe? Well, do not be deceived because it has a lot to offer! In this post, I share some of my favorite spots in Luxembourg, the highlights and of course, travel tips (things to do in Luxembourg City in one day.) Warning: You may get inspired to plan to visit Luxembourg immediately upon reading this! Things you should know about Luxembourg Luxembourg has a ... Read more

Travel in Style with Luxair Airlines from Vienna to Luxembourg

There’s nothing like a smooth, comfortable flight even if it is a quick, non-stop domestic one. It can break or make your first day arriving at any destination. Just like my recent trip from Vienna to Luxembourg; it was a dream, but too short! Here’s my experience traveling with Luxair airlines from Vienna to Luxembourg. Luxair airlines? Luxair is a small airline out of Luxembourg. In addition to providing charter services, Luxair has scheduled passenger flights to about 40 destinations in Europe and Africa.  What to Expect? As I boarded the plane, the friendliest flight attendants greeted me. My flight was ... Read more

Travel Health Tips: Improving Your Flexibility While Traveling

Flexibility makes your life just that bit easier, and without it, life can be quite difficult. Being flexible has so many benefits from improved joints, mobility, and less of a risk from things like arthritis. It can also improve moving about in everyday life, traveling or any kind of sport or exercise you do, so much. If you do find that being mobile comes easily to you, count yourself as lucky, but for many people it can a challenge everyday. If you do find that mobility and flexibility is a challenge for you while traveling or in your everyday life, ... Read more

Hot air balloon experience in Cappadocia Turkey, more than just a travel bucket list item

When I first experienced going on a hot air balloon in 2015, it was during a trip to Santa Fe, New Mexico. The hot air balloon experience was so memorable that I still remember each bite of it today. Like they said, you can’t never forget your first. At that point, going on a hot air balloon was a bucket list item that I got to check off my list. I never even thought that riding again could surpassed the experience and transport me aboye and beyond than fullfilling a bucket list item. As soon, as I arrived to Cappadocia ... Read more

Some Top Tips to Help You Stay Fresh and Alert While You Travel

Traveling can be a whole lot of fun, but it can also takes it toll on you pretty quickly if you’re not careful. That’s why it’s so vital to stay fresh and alert while you’re traveling. It’s a lot easier than it sounds, and with just a few succinct trips, you could make your future travels far better. Here’s how you can stay fresh and alert while you travel between destinations.  Learn the Art of Grabbing Sleep Where and When You Can You probably can’t afford to be picky regarding the amount of sleep you’re able to get when traveling. ... Read more

Tandem Paragliding over Oludeniz Beach in Turkey – The Full Experience

As a spontaneous traveler, I decided to embark on a solo female travel adventure to Turkey. While Turkey was not initially at the top of my bucket list (for fear based on nothing specific but media), I decided to take a chance and I’m so happy that I did! One of the most amazing (and random) moments I had while visiting there was a Tandem paragliding experience over Oludeniz Beach, Turkey. Here is the full experience of how I even arrived at this moment and how I jumped from Babadag Mountains over that famous blue lagoon. While visiting Istanbul for ... Read more