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Author: Dreams in Heels

Best tool for note-taking and productivity: Finally get your random notes (from around the house/office) organized

Are you someone who has tons of random notes all over your house or office? Sticky notes, papers and even napkins covered with some random, but oftentimes, important thoughts and reminders? (I’ve raised my hand; Yes, I am guilty of this). Then, you have come to the right place. Why not get them organized so that you can actually utilize them, get reminders and more easily share them with others privately or even via social media. Also, this is a way to increase your productivity levels. Wondering how to get started, read on! As a busy woman, I am always researching...

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Let the experts advise you on how to improve your hair’s overall look and, more importantly, health!

At Dreams in Heels, we know how important Hair is for most women. Hair is not only very personal but many times, what works for one person, may not work for another. If you’re unhappy with the feel of your hair, why not let the experts advise you on how to improve its overall look and more importantly, health. This is how we discovered this awesome company, Shtrands who provide a truly personalized experience, but who are also all about celebrating the diversity of US women, hair and all! They are really about putting your image and hair first....

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Beauty Products almost “error proof” for people of all sizes, ethnicities and ages

As a beauty addict, and a big believer that the beauty of real women is beyond what’s superficial (comes from their inner beauty), I love finding brands that not only make beautiful beauty products, but that also showcase real women (they show people of all sizes, ethnicities, ages, in addition to including models with varying hair, skin and eye color). This is why, I am happy to learn more about, and share with you, the beauty line of products from Younique. Younique offers a line of beautiful products that are almost “error proof” with regards to selecting the wrong color palette for yourself,...

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A natural alternative to many beauty products, Witch Hazel

Today at Dreams in Heels, we want to talk about a natural alternative to lots of your beauty needs and products, Witch Hazel. And if you wonder, “What is Witch Hazel?” It is actually an awesome plant that has many amazing benefits for face, acne, and even other issues. It is  a great solution to many of  your skin problems, without having to go through chemically induced treatments or products. Witch Hazel helps with everything from maintaining healthy skin to soothing and improving Eczema. It’s also medicinal for minor scrapes, bruises and is a wonderful anti-itch balm. It is...

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Improve Your Look, Improve Your Life

Too many of us fall into wearing the same sort of outfits day in day out. This is common when a lot of us take part in the same routines and do not do anything to differentiate from the normal aspects of our lives. We open the wardrobe, reach for that same shirt, pair it with the same top, and off we go. But, there are simple, subtle changes we can make, to turn our daily looks from drab, to fab. There are also places where we can do research on different topics of how to improve our look...

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