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How to Revamp Your Beauty Routine

Routines can be fantastic… they help us build healthy habits and keep us accountable for all those things that we know we should be doing, but sometimes resist—like, ahem, flossing. However, while some routines are good for the long haul, others may need a bit of maintenance. Beauty routines, for example, tend to be one of those that need a switch up every so often. If you’ve been feeling in a bit of a beauty rut lately, consider adding these refreshers to your routine. Find a Good Esthetician   If you’ve never been to an esthetician and you want...

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American Delights Worthy Of A Pin In The Map

A holiday spent in America can quite easily become a holiday of a lifetime if you know where to go and what to see. It’s a pretty big place, so there is no way you could see everything that might interest you in a single visit. Instead, try to pick one state per visit, and make sure you make the most of your time. After all, there are some wonderful gems (American Delights) in every region, and with fifty states to choose from, we’ve narrowed it down to just five for you: Florida This State is warm, sunny, and...

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What to consider when finding an apartment in an ideal neighborhood to live in

*This is part of a sponsored collaboration with and DiMe Media. However, all opinions expressed are my own. One of the most challenging and stressful times for many are either finding a new job or searching for a new apartment in the ideal neighborhood. After all, it is not only about finding a budget friendly apartment that matters, but also the safety of the neighborhood and the proximity to main areas or to work. You can fall in love with a floor plan and with the tiles, but if the neighborhood is less than ideal, you won’t be...

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10 things this Latina Digital Nomad learned by being on the road for over a year

Digital nomad? Are you not familiar with the term? Well, a Digital Nomad is a person who works from anywhere…. essentially from any location around the world. Nowadays, there are many professions that do not require for you to be sitting in a cubicle or office to do your work. Example of such professions include: Influencer, Blogger, Vlogger, Marketer, Graphic Designer, etc. The first three apply to me. I chose the Digital Nomad lifestyle since I love the freedom, creativity and location independency aspect of it. This is why, after almost 5 years as a blogger, influencer and freelance...

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6 Safety Tips For First-Time Travellers

Travelling for the first time is an experience unlike any other. You can never relive the first time you set off on an adventure, unsure what awaits you. But as a travelling novice, safety should be a priority. To help you have a happy and healthy trip, we’ve gathered some of the best tips around for first-time travellers to stay safe. Check them out:   Try not to stand out   Unfortunately, travellers and tourists can be targets of petty crime. Opportunistic thieves will try and spot signs you’re not a local and test out their luck. Whether it’s...

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