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A City Break Abroad On A Shoestring

Travelling to a foreign city can be exciting. It can also be very expensive. Along with high living costs, big cities often attract the most tourists and so prices of travel and accommodation are always higher. Fortunately, you can save your cents by knowing a few tricks of the trade. Here are just a few ways to plan a city escape abroad on a budget.   Timing it right   On the whole, the cheapest times to visit a city are between September and November and between February and May. Christmas time and summer attract the most tourists and...

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Unforgettable Things To Do In London

London has earned a spot on most people’s bucket list for several excellent reasons. Not only is it home to the British Royal Family, it has a rich history, a thriving cultural hub, and has a variety of entertaining activities to suit all budgets. Even the locals love to partake in the best London has to offer. Here are a few suggestions to help make your visit unforgettable. Image Source   Free is better You don’t need a big budget to have a memorable day in London. It costs nothing to stroll down the Mall to have your picture...

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“I Do… Look Good” – Wedding Guest Style Ideas

We all want to look amazing at a wedding, but there’s one thing we should never do at a wedding, and it’s not about drinking too much, it’s overshadowing the bride. You may spend days looking for the dress to wear, but you’ve got to be careful that you don’t look too good! It’s happened before!  There’s one very simple rule to looking good at a wedding, and it’s just about being subtly elegant. All you have to do is make some simple and effective choices. Let’s run through the basics. Flickr Firstly, don’t wear any of the following:...

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How To Draw Attention To Your Eyes WITHOUT Makeup

The eyes are the window of the soul. Bringing out your eyes can help to emphasize the inner you. But there are more ways to bring out your eyes than simply using eye-liner and eye-shadow. In fact, here are five entirely makeup free ways that you can make those gorgeous eyes stand out.   Get enough sleep   Tired, puffy eyes aren’t going to lure anyone in. Get enough sleep and you’ll help lose the bags and wrinkles without any cosmetic help. There are other certain remedies such as eyedrops that can help your eyes look less sleepy, although...

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Scents that evoke travel and lifestyle memories you should know about!

As a digital nomad on the go, people often ask me, “How do you keep inspired” or “How do you re-adapt to being home (especially after months of travel)?” And my answer is, “I use my nose.”  Let me explain. One of the most interesting things about traveling is all of the sights and smells you experience.  For me, it’s the unique aromas that will often evoke the strongest memories.  So I recommend a simple solution to turning your home, or even a temporary space, quickly into a comfortable one by using scents that not only stimulates travel memories,...

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