Travel Tips: Packing for an 8-day trip with only an Osprey tiny backpack

When I recently booked a trip to visit family back east, I noticed that things are getting pretty crazy on certain airlines. Some are now requiring passengers to pay $25 to put a carry-on bag in the overhead compartment. Pay? Are they nuts? There was no way I was going to fork over the dough for a carry-on, so I decided to do an experiment. I wanted to see if I could pack for 8 days and put it all into a tiny backpack that could fit under the airplane seat in front of me. I started out with my ... Read more

How this portable wifi device saves me money and keeps me connected around the world

One of the most frequent questions I’m asked by readers and followers is, “How do you keep connected on the go, especially during international travel?” This is one of the best-kept secrets of every blogger, vlogger, influencer, entrepreneur or wonder women (multi-tasker) who you see always present on Facebook Live, Instagram Stories or just Snapping selfies to share with the world! The answer is that we have a portable pocket wifi device which not only keeps us connected while traveling abroad, but also saves money on international data roaming and provides unlimited data. Well, want to find out more? Below ... Read more

5 Easy Ways to Make Money While Traveling

You know that one friend who always seems to have an endless supply of money to travel the world? You know, the one whose Instagram haunts you and fills you with equal parts jealousy, pride and rage. Unless this person was born into wealth, they are probably funding their travels with some sort of work while traveling and there is nothing stopping you from doing the same thing. It may be scary to quit a stable, 9-5 job, but taking a year to travel the world is something you will never regret. Plus, if you can work out a sabbatical ... Read more