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7 Quick Travel Tips For Digital Nomads, Solopreneurs And Traveling Entrepreneurs

It is no secret that traveling opens up a world of new opportunities, views and ideas that inspire. It also allows travelers to connect with people from all over the world. As an entrepreneur, it is important to expand your network and seek inspiration.  So what’s stopping you? Here are some quick travel tips for digital nomads, solopreneurs and traveling entrepreneurs. The ultimate goal of these recommendations  is to help entrepreneurs travel more, both efficiently and on a  budget.   The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page. ” – St. Augustine Click ... Read more

5 Easy Ways to Make Money While Traveling

You know that one friend who always seems to have an endless supply of money to travel the world? You know, the one whose Instagram haunts you and fills you with equal parts jealousy, pride and rage. Unless this person was born into wealth, they are probably funding their travels with some sort of work while traveling and there is nothing stopping you from doing the same thing. It may be scary to quit a stable, 9-5 job, but taking a year to travel the world is something you will never regret. Plus, if you can work out a sabbatical ... Read more

10 things this Latina Digital Nomad learned by being on the road for over a year

Digital nomad? Are you not familiar with the term? Well, a Digital Nomad is a person who works from anywhere…. essentially from any location around the world. Nowadays, there are many professions that do not require for you to be sitting in a cubicle or office to do your work. Example of such professions include: Influencer, Blogger, Vlogger, Marketer, Graphic Designer, etc. The first three apply to me. I chose the Digital Nomad lifestyle since I love the freedom, creativity and location independency aspect of it. This is why, after almost 5 years as a blogger, influencer and freelance writer ... Read more

Best tool for note-taking and productivity: Finally get your random notes (from around the house/office) organized

Are you someone who has tons of random notes all over your house or office? Sticky notes, papers and even napkins covered with some random, but oftentimes, important thoughts and reminders? (I’ve raised my hand; Yes, I am guilty of this). Then, you have come to the right place. Why not get them organized so that you can actually utilize them, get reminders and more easily share them with others privately or even via social media. Also, this is a way to increase your productivity levels. Wondering how to get started, read on! As a busy woman, I am always researching ways ... Read more

Top 5 ways to fight the holiday blues when you are away from home

Traveling is a privilege and for some, like me, a lifestyle choice. With travel, a world of opportunities, new memories, stories and friendships become available for you. While there are many reasons why some must travel – for work, studying abroad, or just simply moving abroad for love/family – and there are many pros, we all share many of the same cons, including leaving behind loved ones and the pain that comes with starting over. It becomes especially hard to cope with the loneliness, especially during the holiday season (holiday blues). Last year celebrating the Holidays with my family in ... Read more