Must Do, Must See in Chiang Mai – A list of the Best things to do in Chiang Mai Thailand

If you want to make the most out of Thailand, skip Bangkok and Phuket. I visited Chiang Mai at the end of last year, and I had a much better experience than I’ve ever had anywhere else in the country. Thailand is beautiful, and that’s exactly why so many tourists turn up there. You won’t have to fight past them to experience it if you go somewhere they’re less likely to go. This is why I compiled for you this list of the best things to do in Chiang Mai Thailand. In Chiang Mai, you’ll get to know the real ... Read more

Visiting the Taj Mahal in India: Best Tips for seeing 1 of the 7 wonders of the world

While I had an amazing, once in a lifetime, opportunity to visit India for first time while traveling on a luxury train called The Deccan Odyssey, along the Maharashtra and Goa states, I felt that my visit to India could not be complete without visiting the Taj Mahal, 1 of the 7 new wonders of the world. If you are not familiar with the location of Taj Mahal, it is in Agra, India.  It is exactly located on the south bank of the Yamuna River. While The Taj Mahal is such a magical place to see, and it’s been on my ... Read more

Alternative things to do in New York – Best of Dumbo Neighborhood Guide

Forget Manhattan! If you are looking for a cool vibe, neighborhood feel and local eats in NYC – check out DUMBO! That’s right! I’m talking about Brooklyn! Interested in a Brooklyn immersion weekend, complete with insider experiences and seriously good eats? Let’s embrace this neighborhood together. Use this quick, short guide, to find the best local eats, drinks and fun things to do. Brooklyn offers it all. Find out for yourself alternative things to do in New York in this Best of Dumbo Neighborhood Guide. Read on. Where to stay: Look no further, than the iconic and newly renovated New York ... Read more

Insider Tips for Ukraine: An ultimate visitor’s guide to Europe’s most underrated country

When many people think about traveling around Europe, they will usually first think about France, Italy, United Kingdom, Spain and other Western European countries. Most of the time, lots of travelers would not venture to go Far East to visit the countries in Eastern Europe. This is probably due to what people hear and read through media along with prior historical situations between countries. Thus, the world has a lower image and opinion about Eastern Europe vs. the rest of Europe. As I was embarking on my first trip to Ukraine, many times people warned me against going there because they ... Read more

Why the best time to visit Colorado is now!

Many people, ask themselves when is the best time to visit Colorado. In my humble opinion, the best time is now! Colorado is a magnificent place to visit regardless of the time of the year. I truly enjoy this US state and it has become one of my favorite because of all the unique, amazing experiences to be had there. This is why I decided to write this post explaining the reasons why you should visit Colorado today. Breathtaking views Colorado’s scenic beauty is spectacular. The backdrop of the Rocky Mountains alone already makes visiting Colorado for your next vacation totally worthwhile. It ... Read more

Berlin Insider tips: Visiting Berlin, Germany for the first time!

Are you visiting Berlin, Germany for the first time? Then you have come to the right place. As a Berlin local, having lived there full-time for over a year (and now it’s one of my home-bases), I’ve created this local guide with Berlin insider tips, the top things to do (must-see/dos), what food you must-try and more. Warning: You may feel the urge to visit Berlin immediately! But this guide is especially made to make your visit effortless, more affordable and just simply wonderful overall! Looking for Berlin Insider tips?! Let’s get started. How many days should you plan to spend ... Read more

Luxembourg in Europe is not to be missed: Top Things to do in Luxembourg City in one day!

Over the summer, I got invited to experience the vibrant culture, beautiful fairytale castles, architecture, food flavors and diversity of languages Luxembourg has to offer. Did you know that Luxembourg is one of the smallest countries in Europe? Well, do not be deceived because it has a lot to offer! In this post, I share some of my favorite spots in Luxembourg, the highlights and of course, travel tips (things to do in Luxembourg City in one day.) Warning: You may get inspired to plan to visit Luxembourg immediately upon reading this! Things you should know about Luxembourg Luxembourg has a ... Read more

Q & A with Expedia UK: Local Expert Recommendations on What to Do in New York City!

Dreams in Heels had the opportunity to be interviewed by Expedia UK as a local expert in the NYC area. We put together some recommendations to help you make some informed decisions before your visit to The Big Apple, New York. Which local snack would you recommend to a friend? Either a great cheesecake from Juniors – there are several around the city – or if not, a salted pretzel from one of our street vendors. Which city sight-seeing tour would you recommend? I would recommend the boat tours, because you don’t have to deal with crowds, and you can ... Read more

The Best Time to Visit New York: A Seasonal Guide

Almost daily, I get emails from readers asking me what is the best time to visit New York? Even though I prefer the Spring, Summer and Fall seasons, there is something beautiful about spending the winter in New York….watching the snowflakes fall over Central Park, visiting the tree in Rockefeller Center and admiring a snow-covered Empire State Building….these images may be iconic but are even better experienced in person. New York City often feels like the capital of the world! From the diversity, culture, entertainment venues and a plethora of things to see, eat and do, there is something for ... Read more

Expedia teams up with Olga Maria Dreams in Heels for its pocket travel guide to New York!

Dreams in Heels Blogazine is thrilled to announce that we recently partnered up with Expedia to put together their Pocket Travel Guide to New York. If you would like to read Olga Maria’s recommendations, go to the index menu and click on Contributors and immediately click on Olga Maria Czarkowski to discover the best local Rooftop Bars, Nightclubs, Restaurants and much more of the city that never sleeps, New York. You can download your free pocket travel guide to New York here! About The New York Guide Welcome to your very own pocket travel guide to New York by Expedia. ... Read more

Local Travel Guide: For a Perfect Day, It’s in Queens New York all the way!

Manhattan, where? Many are discovering (what locals already know) the unique adventures, sightseeing, spectacular views, eats, drinks, culture and nightlife that are to be found in Queens New York! Now you can experience it as a local with this guide – create one perfect day, in Queens. For a leisure start to the day, chance to read the paper, and of course, enjoy a great cup of coffee, you must visit COFFEED, the coffee shop with a conscience. Located on Northern Boulevard and 37th street, COFFEED is a local and sustainable shop. It uses locally and ethically sourced ingredients and ... Read more

Jamaica Excursions: Best Places To Visit in Jamaica!

When many of us think about Jamaica, we think about listening to reggae music while laying on the beach, with a fruity, tropical drink in hand, staying in an all-inclusive resort, enjoying the amenities and eating everything. But Jamaica offers so much more!  You can discover Jamaica’s unique adventures, sightseeing, sunny beaches, history of rum, culture and historical museums experienced on my recent visit. If your bucket list includes amazing food, music, and adventurous activities that will get your heart racing and remind you how good it is to be alive, then a road trip full of energy and joy ... Read more