8 days/7 nights living lavishly on a royal train – The Deccan Odyssey – the most luxurious train in India

My first time visiting India couldn’t have been more grand, for I’ve experienced the true meaning of “traveling in style!” When I first got invited by Incredible India and the Ministry of Tourism of India to travel aboard one of their top luxury trains (top not only in India, but in Asia), I was truly excited. In the first place, I’ve always wanted to visit this country (but, as a female, I was always hesitant about traveling around India on my own) and secondly, because train travel has always looked so amazing in the classic movies that I loved to watch ... Read more

Luxury Trains in India: Best way to travel? 30 Things to know before “all aboard”

Are Luxury Trains the best way to travel and see India for you? Recently, I had the opportunity to be aboard one of the five luxury trains in India. You heard it correctly, India does not have one but five luxury trains. Some of them have even won awards for the World’s top luxury trains and are considered to be some of Asia’s most luxurious form of transportation. Photo Credit: Aghil Menon   Here are 30 things to know and consider before booking your very own luxury train journey. Photo by: Aghil Menon   1.     There are five different trains to ... Read more

Escape: Massage + Music at the Largest Spa in The Caribbean – Rock Spa Riviera Maya

Every time that I go on a travel adventure, I try to escape, and enjoy/be in the moment. With all of the technology involved in my day-to-day life, sometimes I truly need a break from it all. One of the biggest treats that I can give to myself is usually a day at the spa, full of disconnection and relaxation. I am a total spa lover, and really who isn’t?! I am sure that we all need a massage after a stressful work day but I try to treat myself even when traveling for work or pleasure. This is why, during ... Read more

I love Switzerland, experience 4 countries and cultures all in one place!

When I first landed in Switzerland, all I could think of was the typical things that I had heard before: Swiss chocolates (of course!), classy/elegant culture and luxury all the way. I was not disappointed, but what I ultimately fell in love with was none of the above. It was the feeling of exploring the food, lifestyle, culture and style of Switzerland, plus 3 bonus countries, all rolled up in one place! Result: I love Switzerland and want to tell you the reasons why in this post.   Best Cities of Switzerland | Amazing Places in Switzerland Upon arriving in ... Read more

Amazing Destinations: Top 6 Romantic Retreats From Around the World

If you are looking for a different and unique experience for you and your boo, you have come to the right place. Whether you are a romantic, an explorer, or you prefer to stay all day in your robe and just disconnect from the world, this list of amazing destinations (6 romantic retreats from around the world) will help you find a place to stay and make this getaway a memorable one. Best Romantic Retreats for your next escape! For Romantics who love the City Life! Destination: Quito, Ecuador Where to Stay: Hotel Plaza Grande As soon as you get ... Read more

For An All-Inclusive Caribbean Travel Beauty Affair – Feed Your Body, Mind and Soul in Antigua

Leaving the city that never sleeps behind, I escaped to an all-inclusive Caribbean Travel Beauty Affair in paradise. Upon landing in Antigua & Barbuda, I was quickly impressed how this island, that is still a little underdeveloped, is so breathtakingly beautiful in its simplicity. On the ride from the airport, we passed varying views, like scenes from a book written long ago: There were a few older women carrying jars on their heads (I don’t think that I can do that now) with perfect balance, I smelled the organic market as we passed through the middle of town, a beautiful ... Read more

Curtain Bluff Inclusive Luxury Resort Review – Best Vacation For Couples in Antigua and Barbuda

Leaving behind the social media, along with the city pollution and fast-paced environment, I escaped to the Caribbean’s all-Inclusive luxury resort Curtain Bluff. Located in Antigua and Barbuda, it has consistently ranked among the finest resorts and tennis centers in the world, and is a prime destination for weddings, family gatherings and spa holidays. More importantly, it’s the perfect place to decompress, and indulge in activities for your body, mind and soul that can be personalized based on your interests and needs. Just a short ride from the airport, you arrive at the relaxing, luxurious atmosphere of the lovely Curtain Bluff ... Read more

Explore: Rock-on Weekend at the Hard Rock Hotel Riviera Maya with Bret Michaels

When I was asked to cover the unveiling of the Bret Michaels suite  at the Hard Rock Hotel in the Riviera Maya for Dreams in Heels and Vetta Magazine, the hardest choice was deciding what swimsuit to bring. Sandy beaches, an out-of-this-world resort, exploring the Riviera Maya and an international celebrity? I was so ready to get the star treatment (rock star treatment, that is); I jumped on the plane the next day and was at the doorstep of heaven in just hours.     Greeted by a lovely staff, I quickly found myself sipping on cucumber lemonade, invigorated with a ... Read more