Five of the best European cities for solo female travelers

Europe and city breaks go hand in hand. It’s all too easy to drift into daydreams of autumnal French boulevards, sunny Spanish plazas and snow-kissed German taverns. But which of these cultural and historic hotspots are best for solo female adventurers? Here’s five essential stops for next time you’re after a European city getaway… Marbella  Ola Espagnol! You can’t go to mainland Europe and not experience the Mediterranean lifestyle. Marbella is a plush mixture of white Spanish buildings, swanky marina and strips of glistening beach. Whether you’re staying in a hotel or plush rental accommodation, Marbella is bustling with picturesque spots ... Read more

Whether Traveling Solo Or Planning A Girls Weekend Trip – Choose Bahamas For A Fabulous Time

You could be sharing cocktails in an infinity pool, watching the sunrise from a suite balcony, going bar hopping/dancing with VIP treatment and much more with this quick girls weekend trip or solo female travel getaway to the Bahamas! This guide is designed for you and/or your best friends to unwind, catch up and celebrate your friendship while basking in the sun on this magical island. Day 1: Watch the sunrise from your balcony. Every girl loves a sunrise. It is the best feeling waking up refreshed to enjoy the most beautiful sunrise with an amazing view of the ocean. ... Read more

Solo Females Can Travel To Turkey: What You Need To Know Before You Visit

Of all of the places I’ve visited, many are intrigued with hearing about my experience in Turkey. I’m constantly asked about the country, the traditions, safety and my comfort level while traveling there solo. Is Turkey safe to visit? Can I travel solo? Do I need a visa? All I can answer first is, yes, solo females can travel to Turkey. In this post, I will answer these questions and other topics include why I decided to visit Turkey (although being warned against it), how I got there, my top list of what you should know before you visit Turkey ... Read more

HerStory: From Leg Braces To Heels, How This Latina Built A Career Traveling The World

The first question everyone asks when they meet me, Olga Maria, Founder of Dreams in Heels is: “How can you be in heels all day long?” The truth of the matter is that most people might think that I am only a girl who is fascinated with style, beauty and just want to always look well put together (which is not totally false). Some people even judge me or at least look at me strangely since I not only run all over NYC in my Heels, but all over Europe, South America, The Caribbean, Asia, The Middle East, across United ... Read more

6 Safety Tips For First-Time Travellers

Travelling for the first time is an experience unlike any other. You can never relive the first time you set off on an adventure, unsure what awaits you. But as a travelling novice, safety should be a priority. To help you have a happy and healthy trip, we’ve gathered some of the best tips around for first-time travellers to stay safe. Check them out:   Try not to stand out   Unfortunately, travellers and tourists can be targets of petty crime. Opportunistic thieves will try and spot signs you’re not a local and test out their luck. Whether it’s pick-pocketing ... Read more

My Amazing Guide to Traveling as an Independent Woman

As someone who travels on a regular basis, I am perfectly placed to share my guide with you. I think it’s important to have a really excellent travel adventure and to do as much as you can. This is my guide to traveling as an independent woman, and I hope you will make full use of it as much as possible. Lugano, Switzerland Who Are You Flying With? I always like to spend time making sure I have the best possible flights when I travel. A lot of people like to book a package deal with flights and accommodation together. ... Read more

Going Solo: What You Need to Know When Travelling Alone

Too many people make the mistake of thinking that they can’t go traveling because they have no one to go with. But the big, wide, world doesn’t just disappear because no of your friends want to go see it with you. That is why, if you have a real burning desire to travel, you need to consider doing it solo. That right sans company! It can definitely be done safely and successfully. Continue reading to find out how.   Safety   The number one reason to not go traveling alone, cited by worried mothers and friend across the world is ... Read more