Forever Student: How Study Abroad Inspired My Full-time Travel Career #Studyabroadbecause

As if it was yesterday, I still remember my 18 year old self, so excited to learn, to meet the world and to spread her own wings. As an adventurer born with wanderlust, I decided to leave my island of Puerto Rico back then, without speaking any English, and with only a suitcase full of dreams. And just like that, the real adventure of becoming a forever student began. Between two jobs and daily struggles, I started to look into registering for college in NYC, but since I did not speak or write English well, (but a strong reader) I ... Read more

HerStory: From Leg Braces To Heels, How This Latina Built A Career Traveling The World

The first question everyone asks when they meet me, Olga Maria, Founder of Dreams in Heels is: “How can you be in heels all day long?” The truth of the matter is that most people might think that I am only a girl who is fascinated with style, beauty and just want to always look well put together (which is not totally false). Some people even judge me or at least look at me strangely since I not only run all over NYC in my Heels, but all over Europe, South America, The Caribbean, Asia, The Middle East, across United ... Read more

You call me “Lucky”? I am self-made…How I created a job that allows me to travel full-time

Many times, friends, family and people I’ve met on trips tell me, “Wow, you have the dream job! You are so lucky!” And I think to myself, “You’re calling me ‘lucky’?” Well, I’m here to clarify, nope, I am not “lucky.” I went for it, I worked very hard, spent many sleepless nights (and still do!) to create a profession from what I love – traveling! Moreover, it is not easy to live out of a suitcase. Nothing was giving to me; I am a woman who is a self-made, full-time traveling digital nomad! I arrived in New York City ... Read more

Discovering My Paternal Cuban Roots And Finally Connecting With My Dad!

This year has been an interesting one between me and my father. Reflecting on my childhood, even though I was raised without my dad, and grew up on the beautiful island of Puerto Rico, I was always told, “You are so much like your father!”  I was finally able to see the truth behind this statement by learning more about him and my Afro-Cuban roots. Baby Olga Maria Father’s Day has never really been a holiday for me, since I never had a reason to celebrate it. As a kid, it was harder to understand why my dad wasn’t there ... Read more

10 things this Latina Digital Nomad learned by being on the road for over a year

Digital nomad? Are you not familiar with the term? Well, a Digital Nomad is a person who works from anywhere…. essentially from any location around the world. Nowadays, there are many professions that do not require for you to be sitting in a cubicle or office to do your work. Example of such professions include: Influencer, Blogger, Vlogger, Marketer, Graphic Designer, etc. The first three apply to me. I chose the Digital Nomad lifestyle since I love the freedom, creativity and location independency aspect of it. This is why, after almost 5 years as a blogger, influencer and freelance writer ... Read more

My Amazing Guide to Traveling as an Independent Woman

As someone who travels on a regular basis, I am perfectly placed to share my guide with you. I think it’s important to have a really excellent travel adventure and to do as much as you can. This is my guide to traveling as an independent woman, and I hope you will make full use of it as much as possible. Lugano, Switzerland Who Are You Flying With? I always like to spend time making sure I have the best possible flights when I travel. A lot of people like to book a package deal with flights and accommodation together. ... Read more

Top 5 ways to fight the holiday blues when you are away from home

Traveling is a privilege and for some, like me, a lifestyle choice. With travel, a world of opportunities, new memories, stories and friendships become available for you. While there are many reasons why some must travel – for work, studying abroad, or just simply moving abroad for love/family – and there are many pros, we all share many of the same cons, including leaving behind loved ones and the pain that comes with starting over. It becomes especially hard to cope with the loneliness, especially during the holiday season (holiday blues). Last year celebrating the Holidays with my family in ... Read more

I Said I Do To Berlin!

So today it was a very special day, I went to Wedding in Berlin for a very significant date. After long lines, rain, and filling out so much paperwork, it’s finally official… “Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors where there were once only walls.” The past 3 months I have been traveling around Europe. Many times I felt like I was day dreaming, but then I realized that I was here, present in the moment. I have been enjoying the stunning landscapes, discovering new cultures, talking to the locals (or just using non-verbal signs), enjoying unique, almost ... Read more

Poems that Feed your Wanderlust!

All images Copyright ©Dreams in Heels “A ship is safe in the harbor, but that’s not what ships are built for.” – Gael Attal All these poems that feed your wanderlust are in honor of today’s World Poetry Day! Travel – Poem by Robert Louis Stevenson I should like to rise and go Where the golden apples grow;– Where below another sky Parrot islands anchored lie, And, watched by cockatoos and goats, Lonely Crusoes building boats;– Where in sunshine reaching out Eastern cities, miles about, Are with mosque and minaret Among sandy gardens set, And the rich goods from near ... Read more

Adios 2015 – Reflections of a Stylish Travel Blogger!

As the year 2015 comes to an end, I begin to reflect on my journey this year. I believe that wherever you are in your journey is just where you are supposed to be, even if it’s not exactly where you want to be. Every season serves its purpose. And, after this year, I understand that better than ever. Two weeks ago I turned 31 and while I used to do the biggest, blowout parties, this year I enjoyed a more low key gathering with close friends. Life definitely shows you who matters most to you and who is here ... Read more

The Gypsetter in Heels – What I have learned by living in NYC for 12 years!

May has always been a very special month for me. It is a month of transitions, growth, changes, celebration and love. I can clearly remember how on a day like today, 12 years ago, I left my beautiful island Puerto Rico with a suitcase full of dreams, passion, determination, hope and faith. I didn’t speak English well but I was someone that relishes an ardent enthusiasm and curiosity about the world and wanted to explore it to fulfill the desire to keep learning/growing. I began to speak English within a year and quickly acclimated to American life. Always living up to ... Read more

What Three Kings Day means for us latinos?

Three Kings Day (January 6th) is one of the most important holidays on the Latin American calendar. Traditionally, most of the Latin world, marked the eve of January 6 as the day to exchange presents rather than December 25. Kids would also gather grass, hay or straw in shoe-boxes for the Three Kings camels — a lovely alternative to cookies and milk for Santa. As a kid, I was so excited to pick up grass with my mother and grandma to leave for the camels. I also used to leave them water. It was part of the innocence and the magic ... Read more