Time & Travel: Scheduling To Perfection

If you want to see as much of possible when you only have a week or two in a city, you’re going to need a very clear schedule to fit everything in. With transport to consider, among loads of other factors, it can be hard to make sure that you’re making the most of your time away. Thankfully, building a strong itinerary is a simple matter of thinking about some key areas. To help you out with this, this post will be exploring some of these areas, giving you an idea of what can be done to see as much ... Read more

A Taste Of Island Life…

Let’s face it, only the most authentic experience is going to be the best! Whilst you think you might be able to get a taste of the island life at home with the odd Pina Colada every now and then, you’re seriously missing out on one of the most culturally rich experiences of a lifetime! So once you’ve packed everything you need, and you’ve got plenty of walking energy and optimism in your backpocket, it’s time to broaden your traveling horizons. And with summer swiftly on its way, it’s time to start planning for the getaway you’ve never had before: ... Read more

I love Switzerland, experience 4 countries and cultures all in one place!

When I first landed in Switzerland, all I could think of was the typical things that I had heard before: Swiss chocolates (of course!), classy/elegant culture and luxury all the way. I was not disappointed, but what I ultimately fell in love with was none of the above. It was the feeling of exploring the food, lifestyle, culture and style of Switzerland, plus 3 bonus countries, all rolled up in one place! Result: I love Switzerland and want to tell you the reasons why in this post.   Best Cities of Switzerland | Amazing Places in Switzerland Upon arriving in ... Read more

The Before, During, And After Must-Do’s: Your Travel Plans Sorted

When you book your travels, it can be exciting and overwhelming all at once. You’re excited to get going, but you also know that you have a lot to get done before you can leave. Even the most seasoned of travelers can get a little bogged down with all of the finer details. Instead of letting yourself get in over your head, step back and tackle your travels with a tried and tested plan of action. Each step will help you get prepared, get through your travels in one piece and get back to normal as soon as you arrive ... Read more

Pack Like A Pro For Your Next Getaway

Going away on your next jaunt is often a real exciting feeling that you never get bored of. The countdown to the flight, the feeling you get when you sit on the plane, and the moment you step off the jet and witness where you are for the first time. It is overwhelming and pure joy. But, going away quite a lot can mean that you developed skills in things like packing, and often, packing light is the best way to take on your next trip. I wanted to share with you my tips for packing like a pro, hopefully ... Read more

Getting Practical Before Jetting Away – Helpful Travel Tips

Let’s be honest; us travelers are stereotypical dreamers. We jump into any adventure with our whole hearts. We embrace experiences wherever we can, and always imagine where we could go next. Life is, after all, for the living. And we intend to live it to the full. But, our very desire for experience can cause problems. In truth, most of us jump into the next journey without stopping to consider the practical stuff. Planning and organization hardly fit with the nomadic lifestyles we’re attempting to live. But, if you want to carry on saying yes to life, it can’t all ... Read more

Travel in Style with Luxair Airlines from Vienna to Luxembourg

There’s nothing like a smooth, comfortable flight even if it is a quick, non-stop domestic one. It can break or make your first day arriving at any destination. Just like my recent trip from Vienna to Luxembourg; it was a dream, but too short! Here’s my experience traveling with Luxair airlines from Vienna to Luxembourg. Luxair airlines? Luxair is a small airline out of Luxembourg. In addition to providing charter services, Luxair has scheduled passenger flights to about 40 destinations in Europe and Africa.  What to Expect? As I boarded the plane, the friendliest flight attendants greeted me. My flight was ... Read more

Travel Health Tips: Improving Your Flexibility While Traveling

Flexibility makes your life just that bit easier, and without it, life can be quite difficult. Being flexible has so many benefits from improved joints, mobility, and less of a risk from things like arthritis. It can also improve moving about in everyday life, traveling or any kind of sport or exercise you do, so much. If you do find that being mobile comes easily to you, count yourself as lucky, but for many people it can a challenge everyday. If you do find that mobility and flexibility is a challenge for you while traveling or in your everyday life, ... Read more

Some Top Tips to Help You Stay Fresh and Alert While You Travel

Traveling can be a whole lot of fun, but it can also takes it toll on you pretty quickly if you’re not careful. That’s why it’s so vital to stay fresh and alert while you’re traveling. It’s a lot easier than it sounds, and with just a few succinct trips, you could make your future travels far better. Here’s how you can stay fresh and alert while you travel between destinations.  Learn the Art of Grabbing Sleep Where and When You Can You probably can’t afford to be picky regarding the amount of sleep you’re able to get when traveling. ... Read more

Eliminate bulky make-up bags with this travel-friendly, single use compact kit

How often do women on the go need to rush in the morning from the gym to work, catch an early flight or just run from meeting to meeting? We want to go quickly without carrying too much, but still looking presentable and natural. Does this sound familiar? Well then, keep reading because there is a way in which you can still have your face looking flawless, while also eliminating bulky make-up bags! As a jetsetter, businesswoman, and even as a New Yorker, I am always on the go and have experienced these moments many times. In my profession as a ... Read more

Travel Tips: Packing for an 8-day trip with only an Osprey tiny backpack

When I recently booked a trip to visit family back east, I noticed that things are getting pretty crazy on certain airlines. Some are now requiring passengers to pay $25 to put a carry-on bag in the overhead compartment. Pay? Are they nuts? There was no way I was going to fork over the dough for a carry-on, so I decided to do an experiment. I wanted to see if I could pack for 8 days and put it all into a tiny backpack that could fit under the airplane seat in front of me. I started out with my ... Read more

Forever Student: How Study Abroad Inspired My Full-time Travel Career #Studyabroadbecause

As if it was yesterday, I still remember my 18 year old self, so excited to learn, to meet the world and to spread her own wings. As an adventurer born with wanderlust, I decided to leave my island of Puerto Rico back then, without speaking any English, and with only a suitcase full of dreams. And just like that, the real adventure of becoming a forever student began. Between two jobs and daily struggles, I started to look into registering for college in NYC, but since I did not speak or write English well, (but a strong reader) I ... Read more