Could You Be Suffering With Adult ADHD?

Could You Be Suffering With Adult ADHD?

Between work, children, running a home, hobbies and a social life – any adult can find life to be a balancing act. But when you suffer from mental health problems it can be even more difficult, and the worst part is that you could have a condition without even knowing it. Undiagnosed disorders can be a problem since your behaviour and symptoms might worry and frustrate you and you have no idea what the cause is. Adult ADHD is a disorder that often goes undiagnosed. Do you find yourself disorganized and forgetful no matter how hard you try? Are you always running late, overwhelmed by your responsibilities and suffer from chronic boredom? You might just assume that these struggles are flaws or just part of your personality when actually adult ADHD may be to blame. If you believe this could be the problem, it’s important to get diagnosed so you can receive the help and guidance you need. Read on for the facts.


Who Gets Adult ADHD

To have ADHD as an adult, you must have had it as a child. However, lots of children manage to go undiagnosed, especially since ADHD is only being fully recognised as an issue in more recent years. You can have the condition as a child and outgrow it, however around sixty percent still have it as adults. Adult ADHD is slightly different to how it is in children; for example, the hyperactivity tends to subside whereas impulsivity, poor concentration and risk-taking can get worse. This can be especially problematic as it can lead to poor decisions that could result in danger, as well as lead to substance abuse. Adult ADHD appears to affect men and women equally, and so it’s important not to rule yourself out based on gender.




What Are The Symptoms

Some of the symptoms of adult ADHD include a difficulty staying organised, difficulty being punctual, an inability to concentrate or remember information (which can lead to problems at work particularly). It can lead to people suffering with the condition to become withdrawn and antisocial, and can also lead to things like dangerous driving due to risk-taking and poor decision making. Adult ADHD can affect every area of your life, from your career to your relationships to your social life, and so getting a diagnosis (rather than trying to suffer through things yourself) is paramount to your wellbeing. The actual symptoms will vary from person to person; for example, some may be able to concentrate on things they enjoy or are excited about whereas, others will have difficulty concentrating on anything at all.


What Treatments Are Available?

There are two main methods of treatment available for ADHD in adults; they are psychotherapy and medication. Psychotherapy includes cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) which focuses on controlling your thoughts, feelings and emotions and has been shown to be extremely effective in regards to numerous mental health conditions. The second method is medication. Again these have been shown to work well, and can help you manage the symptoms of your condition in order to gain control over you life.

previous research has shown that natural supplements can be just as effective as the controlled drugs prescribed by a doctor, and so this is a great option.


What To Do If You Think You Are Affected

If you think you have adult ADHD, make sure you get examined by a trained and experienced mental health professional. Once you get checked out, you can get the best help for you and start feeling better.

Medical office - middle-aged male doctor greeting patient, shaking hands.

Medical office – middle-aged male doctor greeting patient, shaking hands.

Pic: speak to your doctor if you’re not sure

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