DJ Bad Gyrl, Living her dreams as a boss!

DJ Bad Gyrl, Living her dreams as a boss!

BAD GYRL ORTIZ, also known as DJ BAD GYRL, is currently the host of WBKE Las Vegas’ primetime afternoon radio show “The Bad Gyrl Show (REMIX) Zone” every Monday-Friday from 3-6pm PST.  Her radio show was among the first ones that could be heard on itunes, The Bad Gyrl Show (Remix). In addition to being a a radio personality, she has been a model for over six years, even though she does not like to be labeled as a MODEL. “I do modeling because it’s fun and you get to become that character you want to portray; whether it’s scary, sexy, whatever, then you finish the shoot and that’s it. I’d like people to see that I am an artist. I make artistic imagery; I am a visionary.”


DJ BAD GYRL is also the owner/creative director of Marilyn Junkie-King Clothing, the urban hat line that’s causing a sensation in the Las Vegas marketplace. DJ BAD GYRL told us that “Despite the name “BAD” in DJBG, it means the opposite than what people assume.” She is a very good person who makes a difference and who is a boss girl. “People always ask me what bad means. They automatically assume it means I am ‘bad’ as in behaving badly…For the last time here it is people – ‘BAD GYRL’ was given to me many years ago because I am a prankster. I am known for pranking my roommates back in the day and that name stuck with me.”

DJ BAD GYRL’s also known for her ability to make guests laugh on her show, with her fun and energetic interviewing skills. She has an unpredictable way of asking questions that especially puts her guests at ease and things flow naturally. This makes her show very popular and unique every time. As a result of her popularity, beginning April 16th she will be filming a pilot for her own reality show called “The Life of a Bad Gyrl.” She was also featured last year in Gay Vegas Magazine as a local spotlight for her radio show.


If you would like to learn more about DJ BAD GYRL’s adventures and projects, subscribe to her You Tube Channel, djbadgyrl.

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