Don’t Travel Alone Anymore. How To Keep Your Loved Ones Close To You When You’re Far Away

Don’t Travel Alone Anymore. How To Keep Your Loved Ones Close To You When You’re Far Away

Traveling can be an incredibly satisfying experience. It’s an excellent way to discover new things about yourself and see places you wouldn’t otherwise. But, traveling alone can be hard. Leaving behind the people you love can be lonely, especially if you travel a lot. So, how do you avoid the feeling of being alone? In an ideal world, you could take all the people you love along with you but it doesn’t always work that way, though. Traveling is often a solitary experience. However, there are many ways that you can stay connected with your friends, even when you’re away. You don’t have to travel alone! Here are some tips to help you chase those lonely, travel blues away.



Loss is hard at any time, and the loss seems to feel worse when you’re traveling. Often, you want to tell those people all the things you’ve seen, but they’re not there to hear it. Worse, you know they won’t be there once you return home either. There are several ways that you can ensure taking them along with you, though. Cremation means that you can take their urn with you, or separate the ashes into cylinder pendants for the whole family,  or utilize to turn those ashes into a beautiful, one of a kind, piece of diamond jewellery. That way, you’ll never have to leave them behind.



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Pictures of friends and family can be a huge comfort when you’re far from home. If you feel lonely, flip through the pictures and remind yourself who’s waiting at home. You may not need to use them, but take them anyway. Seeing those smiling faces could be just the thing you need when you’re spending a night alone in your hotel room.



Before you leave, get your nearest and dearest to write you a small note. It’s an excuse to buy a nice notebook, or fancy note paper, like those found at Get your loved ones to write their notes and make sure to take them with you. Similar to the pictures, read them any time you’re feeling down. Reading through the notebook or individual notes will give you the encouragement and company that you need until it’s time to return home.





Last but not least, take the time to write home. Writing may seem old-fashioned, but there’s something therapeutic about the process. If you don’t have a chance to write long letters, buy some postcards and send those instead. Just a few lines will make you feel closer to those you love. Handwritten snail mail is such a rarity nowadays that your friends & family will be sure to appreciate the effort and treasure your correspondance for a long time to come. Taking the time to write is sure to make the time pass a little faster and make you feel less alone when you’re traveling.
These simple steps don’t take much effort, but the reward is great! Don’t travel alone anymore. Bring the people you love along with you.


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