Dreams in Heels from NYC to The World! Your Shoes, Your Path – Own It

Dreams in Heels from NYC to The World! Your Shoes, Your Path – Own It

As I walk around the streets of NYC, running all day between the buildings, looking to transfer subway lines, or hoping in a yellow cab for my next meeting. Often, women have looked at me and asked me “How can I make it all day in Heels.” For example, the other day, as I was looking to transfer to the six train, a woman approached me saying “You walk as if you’re walking in sneakers but you have heels on. How do you do it?” I responded that “Heels are part of my life. I feel so comfortable in them. It’s all about how something makes you feel! Everyone has to walk their path in their own shoes.”

Dreams in Heels from NYC to The World! Your Shoes, Your Path - Own It

Now that I am sitting here to share my response to that woman with you, it occurs to me that there is more to my story and my message.

I created Dreams in Heels for the women that struggle every day, climb mountains and obstacles, for the jet setters, for the fashionistas, for the adventure tellers, for the ones who love reading, or dancing or making a difference or simply enjoying life.

Dreams in Heels from NYC to The World! Your Shoes, Your Path - Own It

We are all different and our beauty is unique. It doesn’t matter where your life path lies…..Walk life with confidence, with love, with determination, with your arms open to receive, with your mind and heart open to the universe. Be an inspiration, create leaders, go not necessarily only in heels, but barefoot, in flats, in sneakers, the most important part is to be you! Don’t imitate or copy anyone, don’t envy, and overall don’t compete—unless it’s with yourself.  Why compete if we all have some unique, magical trait to offer to the universe. We should only compete with ourselves, for growth, to develop and enhance what we’re born with! Embrace yourself, embrace your talents and don’t forget to dream– dream without limits.


Olga Maria


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