Everything You Need To Know About Self Love

Everything You Need To Know About Self Love

Self love is such an important thing to work towards. Some of us seem to have grown up hating everything about ourselves, constantly thinking that we’re ‘not enough’. Some people are a little indifferent about themselves, with the odd bit of negative self talk thrown in occasionally. Very few people actually totally accept and love themselves. It’s a shame, because the moment you choose to love yourself, is the moment you set yourself free. It can take a lot of practice to get to a stage that you’re happy with, but it’s so worth it. If you knew the real effects of negative self talk, you’d likely never think a bad thought again. Here’s everything you need to know about self love:


You Only Ever Need To Be Good Enough For You

Usually, when people don’t like themselves very much, it’s because they don’t think they are good enough. Good enough for who, exactly? The truth is, you only ever need to be good enough for you. You don’t need to change to find a partner, to get a job, or anything like that. You’re perfect the way you are. If you’re not happy with something, then do something about it for you. Not because you want to impress somebody. Do it to impress yourself!


You Don’t Need To Lose Weight, Change Your Hair, Or Do Anything Else To Love Yourself

You might think you’ll love yourself when you’ve lost a stone. You’ll love yourself when you’re finally blonde. You’ll love yourself when…but that time never comes. The goal posts are always changing, and thinking this way is dangerous. It’s much better to love yourself the way you are right now.


You Need To Pay Attention To Who’s Talking

Start paying attention to who’s saying these things to you in your head. You might be surprised. It might be the voice of a critical mother and father, rather than ‘you’. Many people don’t realize that they carry their caregivers voices around in their heads with them.


Everything You Need To Know About Self Love


You Should Monitor Your Thoughts More Closely

Start monitoring your thoughts more closely. When you think a negative thought, don’t let it consume you or give it energy. Instead, let it pass, and focus on something else. If you can think a positive thought instead, then do it! This will get you into the habit of reducing and ignoring negative thoughts. Remember, you are NOT your thoughts. You are just the observer, and you get to choose which ones to entertain.


You Can Consult With A Professional Who Could Help You

If you’re having real problems with self love, there are professionals out there who can help you. Maybe you’d do well to speak to a doctor or psychiatrist; somebody who can talk it through with you. If you know what your problem is, for example saggy skin, speaking to someone like Dr. Stephen Greenberg could help you to figure out a solution.


You Should Celebrate Yourself Everyday

Celebrate yourself every day, the things both big and small. Put a focus on the great things about you. Stop comparing yourself. Fall in love with yourself and it’ll be the best thing you do!


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