Fake It Till You Make It – Things That Will Keep You Confident All Winter Long

Fake It Till You Make It – Things That Will Keep You Confident All Winter Long

So the message of the moment is body confidence, for everybody. Thick or skinny, hairy or bald, short or tall. Confidence is not always as easy thing to come by, though. It comes partly from acceptance and love of our bodies. It also springs from the desire to care and nourish them.


There are also a few things you can do that will make you feel the best possible. Remember the real secret to looking good isn’t the body but the confidence you have in that body.




First things first, once of the easiest ways you can inject a bit of body confidence into your day is by smearing on a quick coat of lipstick. That’s right it is so quick to do. But there is something about wearing lipstick that makes you feel like you face is ‘done’. Also, when you are not self-conscious about your mouth, you are more likely to smile and smiling happy people always seem more confident.





Now there are non-cosmetic things you can do to boost your confidence too. One of the is to imagine your favourite celebrity and enter the room as they would. How would they hold themselves? Would they make eye contact, or smile at people? Would the hold there head high and their back straight? Imagining that you are them, as you walk into a new social situation, can help you make a confidence entrance and exude positive body language.




Of course, there are a few cosmetic tricks that you can do as well, to help you feel like you best self. One of these is contouring. This is when you use a dark cream or powder to shape your face. Most people use it along the top of their forehead, along with the cheekbones and underneath their the chin to give a more shapely appearance. Remember too that there are different contour profiles, for different shaped faces available. Some people even choose to have a more permanent contour solution, which you can read about here.


Alternatively, the strobing look is becoming popular this season. This is where a lighter power, usually one with a shimmer is used on all the aspects of the face that you want to draw attention to. So by putting a small amount in the centre of the forehead and the nose, these areas can look smaller. This method works because it replicates where the light would hit if your face were truly that shape.



Ok, it might seem a bit old-fashioned to suggest heels are something that can give your confidence but bare with me. They do elongate the leg. They also make you stand up straight and realign your body so walk with a swagger.


However, heels just aren’t for some people, and that’s cool too. So, maybe we should reframe the advice to shoes that you feel great in then? As long as they are fabulous to you, they are going to add to your overall sense of confidence, and that can only be a good thing.

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