A Guide to Enjoying The Benefits Of Insoles

A Guide to Enjoying The Benefits Of Insoles

Many people are finding that therapeutic orthotic insole use can have a major impact on the overall health of the body. As a matter of fact, roughly 70% of people that suffer from some sort of foot condition that impairs their normal function can benefit from the use of such insoles. Overpronation, also known as excessive pronation of the foot, is something that affects roughly three quarters of the population today. Plantar fasciitis is also said to impact about 10% of Americans throughout their lifetime. These two troublesome conditions can be addressed with the help of orthotic insoles.

The foot happens to be the part of the body that takes on a lot of shock that comes from walking. Every movement of your feet will also require friction prevention in between the muscles and the bones. There are a number of degenerative conditions that take place in the feet, which could be resolved when you use foot orthotics, including:

– Flat feet
– Heel spurs
– High foot arches
– Foot corns and calluses
– Stress fractures
– Plantar fasciitis
– Sesamoiditis
– Supination and overpronation

There are many people who like to have the added support that is offered by orthotic insoles that are custom designed. These inserts are made to match up with the individual needs of the wearer and they are the right choice for cushioning the feet to help relieve pain that comes from a number of foot conditions. These will include pain in the lower back from muscle and bone misalignment, which can put pressure on the areas of the ankle, foot, back and leg. Using orthotic insoles will ensure healthy foot mechanics, helping to alleviate inflammation, while also restricting movement and speeding up the healing process whenever the toes, knees, ankles and feet have become damaged.

Choosing Orthotic Foot Insoles

Orthotic insoles will help to guide and control the foot through restricted movement in certain directions, which can be beneficial for people who have reduced arch support, either when it is genetic or if it has developed over time. Support that is offered by such devices will ensure posture correction, which will then reduce the wear and tear that happens on the feet.

If you are able to mold your orthotic insoles to the anatomy of your own feet, you can be sure that any support that is lacking naturally is going to be properly corrected. This is crucial when you are carrying around excess weight, as this weight can take quite a toll on your feet.

The right insoles can relieve symptoms and also cure foot conditions, especially when body-weight is not fully supported, or if the foot pain stems from improper biodynamics. Even though standard insoles could be all that is needed, the individual will usually need to seek the help of a specialist to get the necessary correction for a specific problem. Podiatrists or sports therapists will observe the gait, then perform foot pressure testing to help find out more about the muscular and skeletal imbalances that are present in the lower body.

After such a problem is identified, the right orthotics can be prescribed, or custom made. It is possible to train the foot muscles to move differently to make adjustments to the gain without using orthotics, but it can be hard to do. Some shoes even come with these orthotic insoles built in – see these Spenco Sandals for instance. They come with proper insoles to ensure feet are cared for and supported.


Foot orthotics are made with certain foot issues in mind, so it will always be important to see what model is available to correct any specific condition. However, if you are simply looking for comfort, you will see that most orthotic insoles are capable of the job. It is always best to go with high quality brands, as you will get the reward of greater value for your money over the long term.

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