Why Handmade Soap and Body Care are a better choice?

Why Handmade Soap and Body Care are a better choice?

When you shop for soaps and body care products, most of the time, it can be an overwhelming experience. So many products to choose from on the shelves! And often these care products are super inexpensive too. So, why are handmade soap and body care options a better choice?

First, speaking about soap, commercial manufacturers often remove glycerin from their soap during production in order to use it in their lotions and creams. So what’s Glycerin? Glycerin is a natural byproduct of the soap making process that draws moisture to your skin. This is why Handmade soap is a better choice because it retains the skin-loving glycerin.


Second, in terms of body care, not all products in a store are high quality or safe for your skin. As you become more familiar with the ingredients in many body care products, you will find that some of the ones that we think of as completely natural, are not as natural as we expect. The best way to be certain of natural ingredients in products is by buying handmade body care products.

One of the companies that is built upon a foundation of honesty and integrity, committed to researching the best way to create safe, beautiful artisan products, with strict quality control, is Boudica. Their products are never tested on animals and even PETA certified as cruelty-free. In addition. Boudica appears in PETA’s Beauty Without Bunnies Guide. Try Boudica and you will agree that it is the best choice for premium quality artisan soap and body care products. You won’t regret it and your skin will definitely thank you!


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