How to care for your hair extensions and where to find the best real hair ones online

How to care for your hair extensions and where to find the best real hair ones online

Hair extensions can be a lot of fun for changing up your look.  One of the most important steps before you get hair extensions is not only understanding their quality, but also learning how to care for them.  Taking care of your new hair extensions is a continual process and truly makes a difference for your look and image. Nobody wants to have hair extensions that look fake, dry and/or lifeless. We all want good hair days with bouncy and flowy hair, and this truly depends on the quality of the hair extensions, your efforts to maintain them and sometimes  your hair stylist’s experience (if you are not the only one doing your hair). Here are some steps to keep in mind throughout the process (from purchase to maintenance and care).


Before you purchase

One of the most important steps is to find a place where you can purchase the best hair extensions.  You will want to look for real human hair ones since they look more natural, last longer and are able to use heat styling tools. I personally prefer to use hot rollers. They also come in a variety of colors to better match your natural hair color (NOTE: The best places can make an exact match to your hair color). Karmah Collections has over 92 colour options, tailored orders can be placed.

Their texture can be straight, wavy, curl and deep curl. My suggestion is to always get the kind that is closest to your natural hair texture. This will save you so much time when it comes to styling your hair on a regular basis.  One really great place that I found online that is considered one the best boutique mobile hair extensions in Melbourne, that ships worldwide, is Karmah Collections. They have microbead hair extensions and clip in ones as well (all are made from 100% human hair). Clip ins are great if you are looking for something low maintenance or to be worn for special occasions.

best real hair extensions in Melbourne

Caring for your hair extensions

  1. When you first get hair extensions, you should brush them gently, from mid length to ends, use fingers to detangle larger knots and a boar bristle or loop brush for hair extensions as it doesn’t catch on any hair extension type but help move oils down the hair strands.
  2. Try to only use a sulfate-free shampoo, conditioner and treatment, (silicone and non alcohol) to wash your hair.
  3. Braiding the hair before going to sleep is a good step to keep them from getting tangled.
  4. A nice, nourishing leave-in conditioner like argan oil will be a perfect follow up for your hair-extensions maintenance routine. Argan oil has the ability to nourish the hair strands from inside and out.
  5. Use a towel to squeeze out excess water, heat protectant, cool to warm hair dryer and don’t directly place dryer on hair to prolong the life of hair extensions and reduce damage to the hair extensions.
  6. Don’t over wash your hair while having hair extensions. Try to use a dry shampoo in between washes. 2 washes a week are ideal.

In summary, if you’re going to make the investment in your look, I would suggest that you take good care of your hair extensions and quality suitable tailored hair extension hair care and maintenance, since they will not only look better but they will also be more manageable and last longer.  Obviously, human hair is the way to go, and it’s even better to stick with a reputable company to ensure the best quality (as with my recommendation, Karmah Collections). For fabulous results, invest in high-quality real hair extensions.  You are worth it!






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