Katy Perry’s Makeup Was The Real Winner Of Super Bowl XLIX

Katy Perry’s Makeup Was The Real Winner Of Super Bowl XLIX

While plenty took to social media to throw shade on the show and exchange clever quips, I’m just here to declare the Super Bowl XLIX beauty looks are the clear winners of the game (sorry Tom Brady). First of all, Katy Perry, woman of ever-changing hair colors, chose a much more subtler-than-usual color for her high, cascading ponytail: jet-black. But, the hair was just the appetizer of the outfit. The main course: her intense makeup. She wore traditional red lips by Cover Girl (color: seduce scarlet). The star’s go-to makeup artist, Jake Bailey, swept on a glitter adhesive and finished with a cat eye and placed a mix of gold and silver glitter on top. And, thus, Katy’s Old-Hollywood-meets-’90s-rave look was born. One of her costumes was a flame embellished long-sleeved top and matching mini skirt. Each look was quintessential Perry – colorful and cartoonish.




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