Liberation Through Inspiration! A Guide to Getting Inspired

Liberation Through Inspiration! A Guide to Getting Inspired

Inspiration is a fickle, frustratingly strange thing. Whether you’re writing a story, working on photography or drawing, creating a blog, or simply trying to think of gift ideas or life goals, inspiration is very important. Here’s how you can stir it!

Liberation Through Inspiration! A Guide to Getting Inspired

A lack of focus can help

A lot of people think that inspiration comes when you sit down at a scheduled work time and strain your brain. In fact, ideas are more likely to wander into your head when you’re not actively trying to come up with new ideas! Sleeping, daydreaming, showering, being in unrelated conversations with others, exercising – ideas may jump into your mind during any of these activities!


Of course, you need to get your brain ready to develop these sorts of ideas. So make sure you do spend some time gearing yourself up for new ideas by trying to schedule a specified time to work anyway. Just don’t stress out if you don’t come up with anything right away. Go for a walk and think about something else – the inspiration may hit you when you least expect it.


Different perspectives

If you want inspiration, then it’s important not to lock yourself inside your own mental or social bubble. If you’re not inviting new people into your life, some who may have a very different perspective to you, you could be dooming yourself to the same, well-worn thoughts of all the like-minded people you usually surround yourself with. Let’s take, as an example, the fields of astrology, psychics, and numerology. You may not have thought about them much before. But talking to real psychics can help you see the world from a different point of view – and may even help you understand yourself a little better!

Liberation Through Inspiration! A Guide to Getting Inspired



Avid reader

Those who are looking for inspiration should read widely. And I’m not just talking about fiction, although fiction is certainly important when it comes to building empathy and allowing the imagination to stretch itself. Reading a wide array of non-fiction will also help you. Not only can it teach you more about the world, but it can also let you see the world from entirely different perspectives, which is valuable even if you don’t necessarily agree with everything that’s been written!


Staying at home isn’t helpful

Yes, solitude is very helpful when you need to create something. And you generally need to be at home to get the work done. But the problem with staying inside is that your home can start to feel like a prison, both physically and mentally. Don’t assume that you’ll get nothing done by stepping outside, even if it’s just going to the store or mall. Just make sure you take your notepad, sketchbook, or camera with you to capture ideas that enter your mind!


New things
At the end of the day, our creative sides are going to be stifled and weakened if we don’t supply ourselves with novelty and challenges. You should seek to try new things. Traveling is certainly one way of achieving this, but people can travel for ages without really trying anything new. Consider actively stepping outside your comfort zone, taking on activities that will challenge you, learning new skills, and meeting new people.  All of these can get those creative juices flowing – just be ready to ride the wave when they do!



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    Thanks for the word. Indeed! “the inspiration may hit you when you least expect it.” Inspiration is always good. When you think of something beautiful, you’ll get inspired. An inspiration that brings a new perspective in life.

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