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Throwing away any temptation to buy the RubyWoo or RiriWoo from the Mac Cosmetics line,  I invested 16 dollars at Sephora on bareMinerals Pretty Amazing Lipcolor. Pretty Amazing Lipcolor is a line of liquid lipstick that is applied with an applicator brush just as you would with lipgloss. It comes in 10 different colors ranging from vivid reds and purples to nudes, all leaving a glossy shine when applied.

virgin atlantic pretty amazing lip color

What I love about Pretty Amazing Lipcolor is that there is no need to put on chapstick before application or lipgloss after application compared to Mac products. During a full day wearing my favorite go to color, I can say that the lipstick does not dry out my lips or leave me chapped. My nighttime look usually involves me wearing a bold red lipstick which just happens to be Pretty Amazing Lipcolor-Strength. Whenever I can’t take all the vividness of Strength for my daytime looks, I use less of it or dab my lips with a piece of tissue afterward to tone it down. The only downfall of Pretty Amazing Lipcolor  is that if you put it on using your fingers it tends to stain them so scrubbing rather than wiping off is needed.

I rate Pretty Amazing Lipcolor-Strength 9/10 because of the ability to tone down and not use chapstick or lip gloss to prevent chapped lips. Check out other colors at or

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