New Style Finds: Talon and The SunEaters – Jewelry & Accessories Shop

New Style Finds: Talon and The SunEaters – Jewelry & Accessories Shop

As you know, at Dreams in Heels, we love finding new styles and trends. After browsing online, we discovered a store with a special handmade line that just recently launched.  Want to know more? Read on…
What’s Talon and The SunEaters? It is a couture jewelry and accessories collection inspired by the original paintings of the San Francisco artist, Leah Smithson. Made of porcelain, each item is carefully sculpted, like individual works of art, then assembled into jewelry. The highlight: Every flower is delicately created by hand, petal by petal, and is translucent enough to shine in any light. And all of this hand-crafted jewelry is meticulously assembled at Smith’s San Francisco Bay area studio.
Unlike any other Bay area artist, Smith’s ability to bring images to life, and her layering technique creates a texture all its own. It’s just one reflection of her gift for storytelling through fine art. These qualities can be witnessed in ‘Disturbing Algorithm’ – an acrylic and digital piece masterfully crafted by Smithson.

Dreams in Heels recommends you to go and take a look at the many beautiful and unique items available from the Talon and The Suneaters online shop. You won’t be disappointed.


About the artist: Leah Smithson is a new-age painter and mixed media artist whose ready to make her mark in the industry. Often her style is described as dreamlike and thematic. In 2014, Smithson was featured on Kickstarter’s website. She launched a line of wearable art called ‘The Ishan Project’. It is a collection of handpainted silk scarves that hoped to restore knowledge of a forgotten race or species. She painted stories about the Ishan on each garment for 365 days (spanning from 2013-2014) and created a visual anthropological documentary. Each piece has a consistent palette that accentuates the sensibility of their atmospheric celestial nature, illustrating the sky and the heavens — which is a critical part of telling this mysterious story and history.

Smithson has shown in Miami at Scope Miami Art Basel. Her work was also featured on CBS’s Good Day Sacramento and is hung next to the likes of Shephard Fairey, Jeremy Fish, Sugarlax and more. When she’s not showing in Paris or hosting a solo exhibit, she is honing her unique talents and skills and finding new opportunities to showcase her creativity. Leah Smithson is available for interviews and commissioned work. Find out more at Smith’s website.

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