Picture Perfect: Are You Imposing Impossible Standards On Yourself?

Picture Perfect: Are You Imposing Impossible Standards On Yourself?

If you find that you push yourself too hard, beat yourself up, or worry about things that you can’t overly control, you won’t be the only one. Today’s society, this ultra modern world that we live in, has the strangest effects on us all. With the media being everywhere and us all unable to switch off for five seconds, combined with the bombardment of perfect celebrities (picture perfect), it’s tough not to be hard on yourself. But, that doesn’t make it okay, not by anyones standard. When you’re tough on yourself, you can cause yourself more stress and hurt than is necessary. So, instead of getting yourself down, it’s time to begin being a lot kinder to yourself, starting from today.


Let Go


The first thing that you need to do to help yourself here is to let go. When you hold onto anger, worry, fears, and anxiety, you will never be happy. And why would you want to lead a sad, unfulfilled life when the exact opposite is your other alternative? It’s time to get it all go. Forget about those perfect images, drop the idea of changing yourself and smile. You might think that laser liposuction or a new set of teeth will save you, but in reality, on you can save yourself.


Love Yourself


Next, you’re going to learn to love yourself. It’s not easy to start being kind to yourself, especially when you’ve spent a lot of time being tough, but it’s often the best remedy for when you’re feeling down. If you had a friend or family member that was sad, you’d be kind and try to make them happy, so why can’t you do that for yourself? Instead of hating the skin you’re in, be thankful for it. Instead of calling yourself names, complement yourself. You’ll be surprised by the effect a change in outlook can have.


Treat Yourself


Then, it’s time to start treating yourself. When you’re in a relationship, or you have close family and friends, you can often find yourself buying them presents, just because. So why not do that for yourself. You deserve it, just for being you. If you’ve always wanted your skin to improve, or to feel confident in a new dress, take yourself to the beauty counter or your favorite fashion store and have some fun. Sometimes, it’s fear that stops us from enjoying the things we love. So when we stop holding ourselves back, magic can truly happen.


Be Positive


And finally, in order for a true transformation to take place and for those impossible standards to drop, you’re going to want to banish negativity from your life. When you’re used to be hard on yourself and never feeling good, positivity doesn’t come all that easy to you. But it can be learned. When you focus on changing the way you think, the way you feel will quickly follow suit. You don’t have to settle for a mind that controls you and puts you down, especially not when an empowering, confident mind is only a few tips away.

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