Review: ABOTANIQ Dark Spot Diminisher

Review: ABOTANIQ Dark Spot Diminisher

Finding a product that nourishes and restores as well as evening out skin tone is always a difficult task. Having tried and tested countless skin-smoothers over the years, I was obviously dubious when I tried the ABOTANIQ Dark Spot Diminisher. Afterwards, I was pleasantly surprised.


As instructed, I applied morning and evening after my usual cleansing and toning ritual. The texture was refreshingly light and easily smoothed over problem areas, quick drying and left no excess residue. ABOTANIQ’s Dark Spot Diminisher promises a blend of science and nature that gradually lessens dark spots and traces of previous blemishes, and it delivers!

The triple action brightening system not only restores brightness with a combination of peptides, tyrosinase inhibitors and yeast amino acids, but prevents future damage with soothing ingredients such as Natural Licorice Extract, White Lotus Flower Extract and Arnica. The artful blend of natural products feels incredible on the skin and I saw a visible improvement in tone within two weeks.


Packed full of antioxidant vitamins A, C & E, the Dark Spot Diminisher works as a diverse product that ensures cell purification while promoting micro-circulation and a beautifully toned complexion. The calming complex ingredients used include Salomon’s Seal, Cypress Nut and Malt Extracts, and I soon noticed darker blemishes visibly brightening. Only a little is needed each day for effectiveness. The result is a noticeable decrease in discolouration on problem areas and a brightening effect of my skin that lasts.

This product was a breath of fresh air and definitely one of my favorites. The multi-action system works quickly and revitalises your complexion with each passing day of use! Worth every penny.

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