Scents that evoke travel and lifestyle memories you should know about!

Scents that evoke travel and lifestyle memories you should know about!

As a digital nomad on the go, people often ask me, “How do you keep inspired” or “How do you re-adapt to being home (especially after months of travel)?” And my answer is, “I use my nose.”  Let me explain.

One of the most interesting things about traveling is all of the sights and smells you experience.  For me, it’s the unique aromas that will often evoke the strongest memories.  So I recommend a simple solution to turning your home, or even a temporary space, quickly into a comfortable one by using scents that not only stimulates travel memories, but also remind you of happy times (like the flowers your grandma used to cut from her garden and place next to your bed, or maybe a special holiday like a day trip to the ocean or a getaway to a travel destination). My secret is finding natural scents, which will leave any space smelling great (and deodorized too, which is an added perk when you travel as much as I do).

My favorite is a 100% natural plug in air freshener refill which I love, Since I do my best to be a socially responsible person, one thing I care about is that these refills highlight responsibly harvested essential oils found in naturally aromatic plants, woods, flowers, barks and seeds around the world. It is totally manufactured and assembled in the US and the best part: It has a universal fit refill that can be used with my existing Glade, Air Wick and other brands.

The smell is amazing and transports me around the globe. My favorite set, which I highly recommend since I feel it is the most complete one to begin with, is the starter kit with 4 refills and Air Wick Oil Warmer. It includes a good mix of scents, such as 100% Natural Peppermint,  Vanilla Peppermint, Natural Lavender and my favorite Sanitizing Blend with Peppermint, Jasmine & Oak Moss plug in refills.


I find some scents soothing as I sit down to write, or some inspire me because they remind me of a recent trip, or maybe I just need to deodorize my home quickly after a long trip away. Since I already have the warmer, I only need to purchase refills.

There is one trick to save some money. You can subscribe and save 5% and never run out again of your fave essences. You control your subscription and can pause, cancel or change selections at any time. As a girl often on the run, this is my best option because my schedule can change on a dime, and the flexibility of this program allows it to change with it!

Have you ever tried them? Check out their website and get transported with the scents of your choice! I promise that you will be able to transform any space into a relaxing, wonderful place just by using your nose.






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