Spotlight: One-Stop Shop For Global Stories

Traveling is the passion of many, but not everyone may have the necessary means, the desire or courage to get on a plane for hours, or simply put, traveling might not be a priority in their lives. This is why travel-related magazines, guides, books, blogs exist: To transport you or teach you about the world beyond your front door.

Even though the best way to understand or learn about a country is by visiting it, another is by meeting people from that country. But what if you can’t visit a country or have never met anyone from it? If you only learn from whatever you hear or read, you may fall susceptible to stereotypes, myths and misconceptions. So, what’s the best way to learn (prior to traveling)? It’s by finding stories from locals, real experiences and reliable sources. This is why Dreams in Heels decided to spotlight a recently launched one-stop shop for Global Stories: The Global Storybook.

The Global Storybook launched on April 1, 2016 and combines local stories, photos, recipes, book reviews, as well as travel experiences from people around the World – to break stereotypes, lessen (hopefully eliminate) discrimination and racism through the means of continuous learning about authentic lives from the personal stories of others.

The best part of this website is that the majority of the proceeds from Global Storybook will go into the creation of a new kind of (global) organization that is meant to help prevent suicide, fight depression, and the negative stigma associated with it, by providing affordable mental healthcare to people in need.

The website is a platform where anyone can share their life stories, national recipes, and/or travel experiences (among other topics). The main idea behind the website is to collect information about different cultures of the World, to promote awareness and eliminate racism. The website is also a great way to bring exposure to other bloggers, writers and story tellers from around the World.


Global Storybook is divided into two main parts:

The Local which will take you inside the mind of a local, so that you can better understand other cultures and traditions, and hopefully, help you see things from an insider’s point of view;


The Traveler perspective will provide you with a compilation of travel adventures and stories, for you to learn about a country, from an outsider’s point of view. While everyone is a local somewhere, most locals are curious about how others perceive, and experience, their country.

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