5 Easy Ways To Become More Photogenic Today

With so much emphasis on selfies and looking flawless, there’s more pressure than ever to be camera ready at any moment. But being photogenic does not come naturally to all of us and many people will totally avoid cameras due to fear of how they will look. We all want to look good and be happy with our appearance. But if you think you look bad in a picture, your confidence can hit rock bottom. Even though you might be jealous of how amazing your friends and family look in pictures, being photogenic is something all of us can achieve. ... Read more

The 20 most breathtaking views in New Zealand

New Zealand’s most breathtaking views aren’t reachable by taking the stairs or riding an elevator, but surely it is worth embarking on an almost 24 hours flight from the East Coast of United States to there. As an extra bonus, it is a great way to earn plenty of miles while flying to a new adventure to a previously undiscovered destination. There are many things that can leave someone breathless, aside from running the marathon or a run through the streets of NYC to catch the next bus. There are many views in New Zealand that will leave you just ... Read more