Some Top Tips to Help You Stay Fresh and Alert While You Travel

Traveling can be a whole lot of fun, but it can also takes it toll on you pretty quickly if you’re not careful. That’s why it’s so vital to stay fresh and alert while you’re traveling. It’s a lot easier than it sounds, and with just a few succinct trips, you could make your future travels far better. Here’s how you can stay fresh and alert while you travel between destinations.  Learn the Art of Grabbing Sleep Where and When You Can You probably can’t afford to be picky regarding the amount of sleep you’re able to get when traveling. ... Read more

Eastern Adventure and Tranquility: 5 Must-See Cities To Visit In China

China has become one of the most prevalent destinations for travelers. While most focus on China’s rapid transformation, China is still a country full of tradition, extraordinary treasures, and stunning sceneries. It is also a great place to eat, shop and find peace of mind. Due to China’s size and significant legacy, it’s no surprise that embarking on a trip there can be a daunting step for inexperienced travelers. To help guide you, here are our top five suggestions of cities to visit during your next trip to China. “Wherever you go, go with all your heart.” – Confucius Xi’an ... Read more

Family Travel: Tips on the best way to effectively plan and craft your perfect family vacations

Traveling with your family is a lot of fun, but planning the trip can sometimes take away from the enjoyment. No matter how well traveled you are, traveling with big groups, with grandma, with cousins, with children, pets, or with your in-laws, is very different than doing it solo, backpacking or traveling as a couple. Utilizing a family travel agency is the only way to go to guarantee a smooth and stress free trip. In the end, the goal is to relax, have fun and explore a new city or country. Let the experts advise you on how to travel ... Read more

Meet the fastest female and person to visit every country in the world, 27-Year-Old Woman, Cassie DePecol Expedition 196

At Dreams in Heels, we love to celebrate other women’s achievements. United we conquer! This is why today, we want you to meet the fastest female and fastest person to visit every country in the world, a 27-year-old American woman. Cassie DePecol, Expedition 196 from Washington, Connecticut embarked on her journey in July 2015 by first visiting Palau. And now Cassie has just visited her last country, Yemen, on February 2nd, making that country #196 and breaking the Guiness Record of not only the fastest women to travel the world (18 months and 26 days) but also the fastest person. ... Read more

My Amazing Guide to Traveling as an Independent Woman

As someone who travels on a regular basis, I am perfectly placed to share my guide with you. I think it’s important to have a really excellent travel adventure and to do as much as you can. This is my guide to traveling as an independent woman, and I hope you will make full use of it as much as possible. Lugano, Switzerland Who Are You Flying With? I always like to spend time making sure I have the best possible flights when I travel. A lot of people like to book a package deal with flights and accommodation together. ... Read more

Going Solo: What You Need to Know When Travelling Alone

Too many people make the mistake of thinking that they can’t go traveling because they have no one to go with. But the big, wide, world doesn’t just disappear because no of your friends want to go see it with you. That is why, if you have a real burning desire to travel, you need to consider doing it solo. That right sans company! It can definitely be done safely and successfully. Continue reading to find out how.   Safety   The number one reason to not go traveling alone, cited by worried mothers and friend across the world is ... Read more

Quick Fun Travel Guide to Playa del Carmen, Mexico

Playa del Carmen has become a perfect getaway destination for many tourists from all over the world. From the United States alone, it’s not only a quick flight but the true rewards are white sandy beaches, lots of culture, fun locals and interesting activities. This guide should inspire you to pack your suitcases and explore la Playa for yourself!   Where to stay in Playa del Carmen First dilemma is always where to stay…The best option is to stay close to where everything is happening, but in a place where you can also relax and walk around. Although you will ... Read more

Live Life On The Wildside: Great Travel Ideas For Animal Lovers

If you love animals, then there are so many amazing travel ideas out there for you to explore. Your options are wide open, and you have the chance to travel somewhere to enjoy something you’re passionate about. Check out the best ideas for animal lovers right here: Do A Tour Of Africa Africa is arguably the most beautiful continent on the planet. It’s made up of so many countries, each with interesting cultures and striking differences. One of the things that make this continent so great is that the views are superb. There are loads of gorgeous landscapes that take ... Read more

Is It Time For A Break With Purpose?

Featured Image courtesy of: Stig Nygaard With the world how it is today, you have to be pretty fortunate to travel.  Whist it is easier than ever before to get to far off destinations and increase your cultural awareness, with more demands on our time it can be difficult to take a moment for ourselves and make time for others.   Often we ask ourselves what we want from a trip away.  Choosing to spend 2 weeks on a white sanded beach tends to be about relaxation.  A 24 hour break in Switzerland could mean you fancy a quick culture ... Read more

The Perfect Adventure Together: Holidays That Bring The Family Together

As you are probably preparing your bucket list of exciting adventures for 2017, there is a type of travel that is too often ignored: Family travel. It is a common misconception that you need to have young children to consider family travel options. In truth, what defines family travel is the possibility to gather several generations and to bring people together in a warm and peaceful atmosphere. Whether you go with your cousins and your aunt, or you choose to invite your grandparents to a regenerating break together, the personal bond that you will create there will be stronger than ... Read more

Exciting Adventures You Just Have To Add To Your Bucket List

Traveling can be a real passion for many people of today. Some of them are lucky enough to travel the world all the time. Others may have to work hard for that one holiday a year. But I think a lot of people, regardless of whether traveling is a huge passion, will have some form of bucket list of places they want to go to or things they want to experience. A wishlist so to speak. However, you can go one step further than just a destination and experience some amazing things. Here are some of the most exciting adventures ... Read more

When visiting Bucharest Romania, here’s why you must take a day trip to Busteni!

For those of you who never thought about visiting Romania, think again! Romania is a great country with lovely people, amazing food and rich culture. It is located in Eastern Europe and it’s very budget-friendly. If you decide to go to Romania, of course everyone’s first thought is Bucharest. I also suggest that you take time to visit other parts of the country as well. In my opinion, it’s the smallest cities and towns in Europe that always have a special charm, especially if you are into architecture or outdoor adventure. With this in mind, I would like to highlight ... Read more