Sometimes, traveling causes fatigue effects on the body. It is vital to be careful while traveling so that you do not reach your destination being weak. It is essential to energize and refresh your body before and while on the journey. Long journeys, for example, can be too tiring. Consequently, productivity may be less on getting to your destination. Whatever the means of transport you choose to travel using, ensure you refresh and energize the body. There are some energy boosting tips that are helpful for the body. However, sometimes the means of transport you select tends to determine the ... Read more

RV Vacations: Not Just For Families And Retired People?

There are many different ways to travel across this great country of ours. Perhaps the most accessible methods involve road and air transport. The thing is, flying isn’t an option for some people. Especially if there aren’t any airports near their destinations. So, that leaves road transportation.   The good thing about driving around the United States is there are plenty of roads you can use! We’re blessed in that we have a country with an excellent road network.   When it comes to vacations, many of us take to the roads in our cars. And those of us with ... Read more

Vegetarians Be the Happiest Traveling to These 5 Places for A Fun Holiday Trip!

Vegetarians would be the happiest by reading this post, because now they can have fun-filled trips and vacations across five major tourist destinations, where mostly vegetarians thrive. From north to south, east to west and in between, while the world thrives on various delicacies from the world of plants and veggies, vegetarians now can travel being on a meat-free diet and enjoy their sightseeing tours too. Here are five destinations that would make you the happiest, being a vegetarian and visiting them. Read on!   United Kingdom Shocked? Don’t be! Back in the 1800s, the abstinence from meat and non-vegetarian ... Read more

Dreams in Heels Top 17 Best Travel Moments of 2014

As 2014 ends, I’m reflecting about my year and what an amazing year this was! This year I earned plenty of miles hopping from destination to destination in heels, of course. Each place was more unique than the next and inspired me in different ways. I can’t wait to see where 2015 brings me since I always say: Opportunities find me, I don’t look for them. Accompany me as I flashback on my 17 best travel moments of 2014…   Interviewing the President of Colombia As if going to Medellin for ColombiaModa wasn’t exciting enough, I also got to interview ... Read more