Tips for First-Class Traditional Lighting Style

Tips for First-Class Traditional Lighting Style

Are you trapped in the dark ages? Lighting can set the atmosphere of a room — not just by the light it gives off and the frame of mind it sets but by the actual light fixtures. Consider design, as well as utility, when choosing the perfect light fixtures for your rooms. Turn it into a neat example of first-class design with these lighting tips.

• If you intend to keep a design style that is mostly traditional, make sure to look for light fixtures with more adornment and intricacy in their shape. Lamps and chandeliers can have a traditional look with certain materials, such as, brass and crystal. Also, you can have ornamental finishes, such as bronzed and brushed.

candlestick chandelier

• If you prefer to mix a traditional design with a contemporary one which is called transitional design, fixtures should be made from plain materials, such as twisted iron, which is great for many subtle decors. Chandeliers with curvilinear arms and fixtures also look appropriately. You can always hang a chandelier to make a bold statement since everyone’s eyes will be drawn to this light fixture.

chandelier lighting fixtures

• Table and Floor Lamps are a great component of design in every room. They accessorize any space. Hint: Try to pick unique shapes and colors. Use them to add range by incorporating tall and short, little and bulky.


Most importantly, make sure to always find the right size and placement for the hanging light fixtures. Scale and proportion are an important factor for this. You can always consult a professional in traditional and specialty lighting to purchase the right lighting fixtures. If your main focus is creating the right work space, click here for lighting tips for the perfect home office.

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