No Fuss Tips for Looking Great at the Office Christmas Party

No Fuss Tips for Looking Great at the Office Christmas Party

Here are some simple and quick tips for looking great at this year Office Christmas Party.


1) Apply your make up in the right order. 


Start with your eye makeup. This includes your concealer, eyeshadow, and mascara. Afterwards, apply your foundation. This will save you the frustration of taking off make up and starting all over again because your glittery eyeshadow got everywhere. Lastly, apply your eyeliner to seal the deal!


2) Keep it simple with a classic updo.


For some inspiration on easy updos, no matter the length of your hair, check on pinterest, or watch some DIY youtube videos.  There are lots of easy-to-do styles that can give you a little bit of a different look than your everyday office hairdo.


3) Maintain your confidence all night with bright eyes and smile. 


The holidays can be a tiring time. Between work, extra time with family and friends, and Christmas shopping – losing sleep is normal! Make them believe that you’re the most well-rested person in the room by:


Using a colored concealer. Try a color like yellow or salmon for dark circle correction. Here is a guide.


– Keep your teeth white. No one wants to be talking to the managing director at the office Christmas party while worrying about their stained teeth. An at home teeth whitening kit will do just the trick and keep you smiling confidently.


4) Take your look from day to night. 


Here are some fast and easy tips to go from day to night:


Add some shimmer to your look!

Darken your eyeshadow to create a smokey eye.

– Apply a deeper colored lipstick.


5) Look flawless in that dress.


Here are a few quick tips to prepare you for that special outfit you’ve chosen to wear to your office Christmas party:


Avoid bloating foods.

Wear spanx.


Follow these quick and easy steps and you’ll be so much closer to making the perfect appearance at your office Christmas party! Just remember, don’t make any new or crazy beauty changes a few days before the party. This includes avoiding new haircuts, tans, waxes, etc. You never know how your body will react; will your tan turn out orange? Or your hair bob cut too short? For a no fuss Christmas party look, it’s best to go with what you know and add a little extra glam!






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