Top Tips For Increasing Your Instagram Likes and Follower Count

Top Tips For Increasing Your Instagram Likes and Follower Count

Increasing the number of likes you get on Instagram is quite easy and we’ve a number of ways to do so. Here is a list of things you can do to increase your Instagram likes and follower count.

Six months ago, I boarded a plane at JFK in New York heading to Germany on a press trip sponsored by the Germany Tourist Board. 5 months afterwards, having visited 7 countries in Europe, I decided to skip my return flight to New York. 4 months ago, I applied for my Freelancer Visa in Germany, and I officially stayed in Berlin. 3 months ago, I decided to embarked on another adventure with the amazing guys of the travel episodes of Global Degree, adding 3 more countries to my list: Romania, Bulgaria and Turkey. I fell sooo in love with Turkey that I decided to stay there for 2 months, making one of my biggest travel dreams come true, discovering Cappadocia and riding in a hot air balloon there. Now back in Berlin, I can’t believe what I’ve accomplished in just 6 months: 10 countries visited, one thousand adventures lived, hundreds of smiles given and received, made lots of new friends around the world, and have countless blessings to remember. Today, on my birthday, I reflect on what’s most important in life: For me, it’s all about the people in it. People really make the journey special and priceless. I thank all of you who, one way or another, supported and followed my journey thus far. Without your support and encouragement, I wouldn’t be here. Not everything is perfect (like people must think of a jetsetter lifestyle) but as a risk-taker like myself, I find it’s better to take the chance on your dreams than never to even try. And guess what!? I keep smiling and catching the next plane, because there is always a new sunrise or sunset to watch, a new hidden gem to discover, someone new to meet, someone to help, someone who might need a hug or someone to listen to their story. You can always find good people in every corner of the world. Today, I want to thank everyone for the beautiful birthday wishes, cheers to more adventures, and to 32 years of life. I haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on my list! #livingmydreamsinheels

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Make Use Of Your Bio


Your bio is one of the first things that an Instagram user is going to look at and you need to fill it out. You should be personable and talk about who you are and what your account is for. You can be quirky and add any relevant hashtags. You also need to include a link back to your website or to other important social media profiles that you have.

Your bio is where you could establish your own hashtag which is used for your business or brand. When other people use the hashtag you can re-post them onto your feed with a shout-out. This will encourage user engagement and increase your overall visibility.

Increase instagram likes and follower count


Start Liking Pictures


To receive engagement you need to give some out. Liking pictures on Instagram is a good way to introduce yourself and increase the number of likes that you are getting. Using the Explore features of the app lets you find hashtags that are relevant to your market. You can also use this function to find people who have a similar interest to you on Instagram.

Liking pictures will help you get new followers, but you also need to make time for the people in your Instagram sphere. You need to scroll through your feed and interact with those who are already following you and those who you follow. This engagement creates a long-lasting relationship with the user and will increase the likelihood of long-term Instagram success.


Comment On Pictures


While you are liking the pictures you should also take the time to leave a comment. Of course, when you do this you need to write something of value instead of simply stating that you love the picture. When you show an interest in what the person is posting they will start to show an interest in your account as well.

You should start slow with this as it is easy to become overwhelmed by the number of posts that you want to comment on. Even if you start out commenting on 2 pictures a day it is better than not commenting at all.


Seek Out Your New Audience


One of the ways that you can introduce your account to a new audience is by going through the Explore function geographically. You can then like and comment on pictures from people in different areas and countries. This is very helpful if your Instagram account focuses on something that appeals to people across the world.

One point you need to consider is that when you engage with users in different countries they will be working in different time zones. Looking into the times when users in the country are most active will help you determine when the best time to engage with them is. However, there will be countries where the peak engagement times are when you should be asleep.


Geotag Your Pictures


To create a useful indexing system for your feed you should consider geotagging the pictures. This will also help bring the local audience to your account. By doing this, when someone searches for pictures at a certain location your picture will come up. This is an easy way to stay visible and make your images easily searchable.

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An additional advantage to this is that it makes your feed easier to use. Your audience can easily see where you did certain activities and go there themselves. This increases engagement because you are giving them information and showing them where they can get the item.






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