Working On Keeping Your Mind Active: What To Do While You Wait

Working On Keeping Your Mind Active: What To Do While You Wait

A lot of emphasis is placed on productivity in our modern world. We’re not allowed to take it easy at times and we’re always encouraged to work on ways to be more efficient with what we’re doing – even non-work related stuff. It can be a lot to take on. But, when you’re waiting around, it can make sense.


We tend to wait a lot in life. Whether it’s at the doctor’s office, on your lunch break, or on your commute, a lot of our day is spent waiting around. You might be tempted to head straight to social media, but that’s not always the best option. Instead, you could work on keeping your mind active.


Test Your Memory


There are actually a lot of activities that you can do in a short space or time or stop and start; that will improve your memory. Games can be great for this. It’s definitely an essential option for when you’re getting older, but there’s no harm is starting early. Crosswords are a great choice for keeping your memory in check, especially if you do them occasionally, along with jigsaw puzzles and chess.




Reading is not only a great leisure activity; but it’s also great for keeping your mind active. You engage your brain when you read, as well as relax, making it a great option for switching off and unwinding, and working your brain. You can also learn a lot when you read. Whether you prefer fiction or nonfiction, reading could boost your brain and other areas of your life.


Take A Quiz


In school, we take a lot of tests. Back then, you may have dreaded them, but you have to admit, they kept your brain in gear. As we get older, and the tests are gone, it’s a lot harder to work on your brain health. But, thanks to the internet, you can take tests and quizzes that get your mind going. Sites like are full of fun quizzes that you can get your brain in order and improve its function.




You don’t have to fancy yourself the next Hemingway to write. Writing is a great learning tool and works wondering for your memory and motivation. If you’re stuck creatively or lacking in energy, take out a pen and paper when you’re waiting around. Write down your thoughts, a poem, notes or whatever comes to mind. You’ll soon find that you’re feeling more awake, inspired and ready to take on the day.


Be Mindful


When you have a spare ten minutes or more, be mindful. You might be tempted to pick up your phone and get lost in the world of the internet, but you might be damaging your brain’s health and your energy levels, instead of improving them. Instead, it pays to practice mindfulness. Regardless of your chosen lifestyle, being mindful can calm your mind, center your thoughts, de-stress you and boost you creatively. What could be better for your brain than that?

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