The World’s Best Show Locations

The World’s Best Show Locations

If you are a lover of the show, whether they be all singing and dancing or instead a wonderful magic show, then you want to know where the best ones are at. Traveling to see shows can be really fun, but also an opportunity to get to know the city better, and when they are in a foreign country it almost becomes a kind of holiday. If you have the confidence to travel to see some of the world’s best shows, then read on. As you can find a wonderful destination to do all kinds of things as well as seeing the best show of your dreams.


Las Vegas


Vegas is known for its brilliant stand out showy performances. Super celebrities perform here often, Britney Spears has just finished a stint there for example. You can find whatever you want too as there is something for everyone. The best comedy acts, raunchy shows, top magicians such as David Copperfield amongst others. You can grab a ticket for a concert with relative ease so why not take a look and see. The benefit of a show in Vegas is the ability to also enjoy the casinos on offer and one of the more opulent hotels such as the Venetian. The rowdy clubs and bars around the strip always provide somewhere to go after you’ve enjoyed the show.

The Worlds Best Show Locations




The West End is synonymous with great stand out showy performances. The Lion King was a worldwide hit and the new Harry Potter show, the cursed child, is selling out with each release. London is a hub for history too, so if you wanted to get involved plan in a visit to the tower of London or a tour of buckingham palace. There are all kinds of sports going on too, with many football stadiums for you to visit if you are a sports fan. Shows in London are great, and you can get many coupled with a hotel booking so be on the lookout.




For those who love classical music then Milan is one of the best places to go. The Teatro La Scala, built in the late eighteenth century is one of the best opera houses in the world. If you are a music lover and want to experience something special then this is for you. At the moment you can catch stunning music from Riccardo Chailly, or the best shows from Stravinsky. Milan offers lovely weather and shopping to rival the best. The culture is also fabulous, with many medieval and ancient wonders for you to look at on your trip.




Broadway is full of places to watch shows, like the Broadway theatre. New York offers all kinds of wonderful shows where you can watch some of the most brilliant and current shows in production. Miss Saigon is a current hit, but if that is not your type of show, don’t fret. There are countless to choose from along with the many other attractions New York has to offer.

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