Pay It Forward: YardYum is Making Cities Greener

Pay It Forward: YardYum is Making Cities Greener

I recently stumbled across this site on Instagram and just had to share it.  YardYum is a new platform that helps gardeners rent plots in their neighborhoods.

Think about this … you live in a tiny apartment in New York City, and have absolutely no space to grow a garden, but you’d just love to have your own fresh vegetables.  What do you do?


Simply head over to and search for an available garden plot nearby. Thousands of homeowners, schools, churches, community garden associations and business owners have signed up and listed their available land for potential gardeners to rent.

The really neat part is that you don’t have to pay the landowner with money, you can also agree to give them a portion of your crops. How cool is that?

I love this idea, because it will make a real difference in the world, by encouraging more locally-grown food, improving air quality and building communities.



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