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As a beauty aficionado, I am always looking for new ways to step up my beauty routine. But it wouldn’t be possible without having certain essentials handy. Of course, the real beauty comes from being yourself, feeling comfortable and happy in your own skin! However, nobody said that we couldn’t be beautiful inside and out! For this post, I partnered up with Dove and Dime Media on the #EssentialUpgrade Campaign to bring you these 7 essentials that will definitely help you enhance your outer beauty (to compliment that inner beauty).


Use the right deodorant

Dove NutriumMoisture

The right deodorant makes a world of difference to your daily comfort and confidence! Especially as a jetsetter, deodorant is one of my most important essentials to feel fresh and always protected. My favorite deodorant is Dove Advanced Care Antiperspirant. It offers 48-hours of odor and wetness protection (which I’ve “tested” more times than I can remember) and leaves your underarms feeling soft and smooth (due to the added skin care benefits of its NutriumMoisture formula). I especially love that it helps my skin replenish itself from shaving irritation. Believe it or not, you can also apply Dove to other body areas to help reduce friction and perspiration, such as around your hairline and neck (especially great for runners), behind your knees, bottom of your feet, between your breasts, etc. Dove Advanced Care Antiperspirant is an essential upgrade to your daily beauty routine.

Always use a serum under your moisturizer


To get the best results for flawless-looking skin, along with your cleanser, toner and moisturizer, add a face serum to your daily skin care essentials. There are different kinds of serums that target specific skin problems. It can help you reduce fine lines, smooth out wrinkles, get rid of dark spots, prevent acne, reduce pores or brighten up your skin. Usually only a dime size amount of the product is needed.  After cleansing your face, use an alcohol-free toner and leave it damp on the skin before applying your serum. This way, the ingredients will penetrate deep within the skin. Hint: Keep your moisturizer in the refrigerator because when it is applied cold, it pushes blood away from the skin for it to better, and more deeply, absorb the serum. Always let the serum soak in for a few minutes before applying the moisturizer.

Use SPF all year round


In order to protect your skin from the sun, it is good to use SPF all year round. It is as simple as buying a moisturizer that already contains SPF 30 (or higher). About 15 minutes before you head out the door, apply a small-size amount of moisturizer (with SPF) onto your face. Look for a product that contains super moisturizers such as glycerin or ceramides (which help trap moisture in skin cells and keep their structure strong) and antioxidants such as vitamin C, vitamin E, green tea, or lycopene, (which, studies show, increase the effectiveness of sunblock).

Argan oil


Argan oil is one of the best natural beauty products because it’s ultra-hydrating  and works wonders for sensitive skin. You don’t have to worry about putting harsh chemicals on your skin or hair. I even love to use it on my hair to calm my frizzy ends, add moisture and a little shine. Apply it when your hair is still damp as an overall treatment or just to your ends to smooth flyaways. Hint: It is also great for a dry scalp. You can apply it with cotton balls as an oil before you go to bed then wash it off in the morning. This way the scalp can soak up the moisture over night.

Another great way to use argan oil is for your body. It is amazing for dry skin. I use it right after I shower, but before my body lotion. It keeps your body super soft and moisturized. Argan oil is a must-have product!


Pamper your feet


No need to break the bank to have soft, beautiful feet. Before going to bed, a great secret is to generously apply vaseline to your feet and then sleep with socks. It really leaves your feet moisturized and ready for display. Hint: Try to use a gentle scrub on your feet while you shower, at least 3 times a week, in order to help remove dead skin.

Baking Soda


Baking Soda is a great essential. Sprinkle it on your toothbrush for two amazing benefits: (1) Gently buff your lips to remove dry flaky skin and reveal a smooth kisser (pucker up) and (2) Mix it with your regular toothpaste to whiten your teeth (Say, “cheese”). It really makes all the difference to achieve a beautiful smile.

Use different Lipstick Colors

lady with red lips

It is great to get out of your comfort zone and experiment with different colors of lipstick. You have to kiss a lot of frogs before you find your prince – of a shade. There is a perfect shade of red, pink, and neutral for every woman; be adventurous and try many until you find yours! One winning combination is a bold lip color (burgundy, plum, a dark red) with strong brows and neutral eye make-up. Or combine a neutral lip color with bold or smoky eyes. Try it for yourself, but don’t forget to take pictures so that you can decide what works best for you.

Of course, no beauty regiment works as well as being yourself. Confidence is the best outfit you can wear – as long as you remember your deodorant! The way I stay confident every day is by using my favorite essential, Dove Advanced Care Antiperspirant. There are so many beauty products available, but for me this is the ultimate #EssentialUpgrade.

Dove Deodorant NutriumMoisture

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