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You don’t want to forget anything when you’re away, especially if you’re going to holiday somewhere a little quieter. So, here are some things to keep in mind when packing.


  1. Prepare A List


It may sound a little boring, but an idiot-proof list will make sure your holiday is free of stress. Separate what you desire from what you need, and make sure you’re realistic with the physical limitations of your luggage. If you need inspiration for a list, you may start with the following:


  1. First Aid Kit


Don’t go overboard and prepare for ER, but make sure you have a small bag with the most important medicine and pills you may need. No one wants to suffer high-climate fever, an upset stomach, high-climate fever, or all three in a holiday. It can be easy to get domestic remedy for common ailments where you live – but it can be harder to find or require prescriptions in the location you’re visiting. Obviously, those with asthma or allergies need to bring their medicine on board as well.


  1. Limit Liquids


We all know about this – but there often is a mass hold-up and confusion when someone tries to get a water bottle past airport security. To everyone’s chagrin, Pan-European restrictions on baggage state that liquids carried in your hand luggage can’t be over 100ml per item, and have to fit into a small, resealable transparent bag, which is usually available at airports for a small fee. If you want to take anything larger than that, take it in your checked-in suitcase.


  1. Write A Name Tag


You’re probably not a mysterious international man – so there’s no need to travel incognito. Suitcases tend to come with name tags fitted, so make sure to fill them in in case yourself – or the airline – happens to lose your luggage.


  1. Save Room On Your Bag For Holiday Purchases


Whether it’s holiday mementos or duty-free gods, you’ll surely end up bringing some stuff home – so make sure to account for it when preparing your back.


  1. Skip Shoes


Shoes can be one of the most frustrating, biggest items on your luggage. The number of pairs you should take with you will depend on how long your vacation is going to be, and what you’ll be doing there – three pairs is a good amount for a getaway of one to two weeks. Make sure you pick versatile shoes – bring a pair for each realistic occasion you’ll face on the trip. It’s a good idea to wear the most cumbersome ones on the plane, and stuff your socks in the others to save space.


  1. Sunglassessunglasses-style-travel

If it’s going to be sunny where you are going then you need to bring a good quality pair of sunglasses that will protect your eyes and your face. Tom Ford sunglasses have a good reputation as do Ray Ban and will protect your eyes and also ensure you look stylish.


8 . Keep Cosmetics At A Minimum


Unless you’ll be travelling to a desert island or something of the sort, you’ll likely be able to get a good sun lotion or shampoo wherever you are going. Fewer cosmetics also make it less likely that you find you have gooey liquids spoiling the contents of your suitcase when arriving at the destination. If you just can’t live without a special face cream of yours, you may want to put some into a smaller container, so you don’t need to take more than you’ll need for the trip – this will allow you to discard some empties and get extra room when you get back home.

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