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One thing Alexander Wang is very savvy about is knowing that, sex will always sell. In his new release of the new Denim collection we all get a chance to see his new denim collection and something much more provocative and I must say visually stimulating images of the model Anna Ewers, you may remember seeing her in his S/S 2014 show and A/W campaigns. He has released the collection all which was made in Los Angeles with prices varying from $225 to $295. The outstanding pictures were sure to make a statement and definitely has given people the chance to have an opinion about Wang and this marketing scheme. Whether it is a good or a bad one I still think it’s brilliant, but that’s just me. We have seen many designers do this, flashback to Kate Moss in the 1990’s campaign for the fragrance “Obsession” by Calvin Klien. Alexander Wang is really doing his thing and I bet I am not the only one who can’t wait to see what his next move is. At the end of the day Alexander Wang is still selling you denim. With just a hint of some sexual persuasion that’s all.

Alexander Wang Sells You Sex Through Denim










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