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Sexologist and former Ukrainian model, Elena Pellicano, makes and uses the same type of secret love ‘potion’ that Cleopatra made and used to win the hearts of any men who crossed her path. Both women understood their natural beauty and goddess like features could be enhanced by an invisible, powerful perfume created from essential oils.

We’re not talking the falsehoods of pheromones here, Elena’s home brewed perfumes are made from natural flower and plant oil extracts. As aphrodisiacs they ignite sexual arousal in both men and women. Nothing smells as wonderful, and puts you in the mood, as a dozen freshly cut roses, right? So why not a perfume made from real rose and other organic fragrances found in nature?

Lena_sexy_Cupid_Potion_in_heelsCupid’s Secret Potion makes its American debut after spending 10 years in the bedrooms of hundreds of satisfied Ukrainian couples. The potions have a dual purpose: To be used as a perfume to attract the attention of a new lover (or spark your current lover). Second, it is designed for sensual massage between couples before love making. There are 7 scents available here. Each one uses different ingredients for attracting and creating different sexual experiences.   For example, Passion for passionate sex and Synergy to assist lovers merge in harmony.

About Elena: She became interested in sexology and the science of building harmonic relationships at the age of 17. Her interest and hobby grew into a profession. Not only does she have a 10 year running sex therapy practice, as a professional aroma therapist she’s been creating natural perfumes her entire adult life. It’s been a 15 year journey collecting them from all over the world, including Egypt! Her home studio library houses more than 400 essential oils. Some are very rare and extremely valuable, just like fine wine.   This is the reason her aromatherapy perfumes smell so unique, powerful and couldn’t ever be copied or imitated. They truly are one-of-a-kind.


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