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The skin on your face and hands is that which is most exposed to the elements. Not only do you have the harshness of the wind whipping across your cheeks in the winter months, but you have the strong rays of the sun bearing down in the summer months. This is a lot for your skin to take and if you’re not caring for it properly, it’ll be written all over you in the form of wrinkles, blemishes and age spots.


Don't Make Caring For Your Complexion Complex

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Covering yourself in powders and concealers also won’t help, as these can clog up your pores so that you end up with greasy, spotty skin that just looks dull. It can even cause acne, which you can read more about here. It’s very important that you have a good skincare routine every day and to be able to have that, you need to know your skin type. If your skin is naturally flaky, scaly or rough, it’s dry. If your skin has big pores or is shiny, then you sit with the oily crowd. You can also have a combination of the two, where in some places your skin is oily and in others it’s dry. Some out there have sensitive skin, which can burn or itch after the use of some products.

Never just go for whatever products are laying around; your skincare matters so choose your products carefully for your skin type. You don’t necessarily need fancy or expensive, but if you can afford to invest in yourself with SkinStyle then you absolutely should. Use a gentle cleanser on the skin, one that doesn’t have too many chemicals in it and never scrub your face dry. Rinse with warm water and gently use a towel to pat your skin dry.

Don't Make Caring For Your Complexion Complex

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Once you’ve cleansed your skin with the appropriate cleansers, you HAVE to moisturise. All skin types need to be moisturised after washing to help your skin from drying out. Don’t wait for your skin to be dry to apply it – if you apply moisturiser to damp skin, you seal in the moisture in your skin. Lightweight moisturisers are on the market for those with oilier complexions than others that are oil-free. These won’t clog up the pores, making for more skin trouble.

Don't Make Caring For Your Complexion Complex

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To protect your skin long term, sunscreen is the best moisturiser you could invest in. It only takes 15 minutes to suffer damage from the sun and even if your moisturiser has sunscreen in it, use a separate one as well. Always, always clean off the day’s makeup, no matter how late in the evening it is. Going to sleep with makeup on can age you horrendously. Your skincare routine doesn’t have to be a complex one if you don’t let it. Keep your water intake up through the day so your skin can be healthy. You need at least two litres a day for healthy skin full of moisture.

Allow your skin to breathe from makeup and be vigilant about keeping your face cleansed and moisturised and you’ll be able to enjoy beautiful, clear skin with little effort.


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    I’m all for natural beauty hence moisturizer is the number one necessity on my list everytime I shop. There is nothing wrong with using make-up, what is not good is using too much of it where you can no longer recognize the real person behind all the make-up.

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