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Summer is a magical time of year, long days, warm evenings and plenty of time spent outside- but it doesn’t last long. We’re now well into August, and in a few weeks, the fall will be with us again. And when the weather starts to cool down, it’s time to reach for warmer clothing again. You don’t have to retire your flip flops and summer dresses to the back of the wardrobe just yet, but it doesn’t hurt to start planning ahead and begin picking things up to wear later in the year (autumn), so you’re prepared. Here are a few items to add to your shopping list!


Coats and Jackets

Autumn gets chillier, but it’s not full on freezing like it is in the winter. And so a lightweight jacket or coat is needed. A thick cardigan, a leather jacket or a mac would all be good choices, something that goes with everything and you can throw on over your everyday outfits. You should still be able to get away with wearing this as we move into winter, but once it starts getting too cold put it away until spring. There are always those weeks before it properly warms up that it’s still chilly and you need something a little warmer to wear.

Excited For Autumn: Switching Up Your Look For The Months Ahead



Knits and Long Sleeve Tops

Lightweight knits and long sleeve tops are perfect for the fall, they keep the chill off your arms without making you too warm. If you invest in some nicer pieces, brand name Ruby Rd clothing for example has great quality items that looked after well will last you year in year out. Brighter colours will look fantastic throughout the end of the summer and can easily transition into autumn too. Worn with dark jeans, a jacket and a scarf you won’t look too summery but will still bring some colour and interest to your outfits.



Dresses are certainly not just for summer, they’re easy to wear and easy to style and can work any time of the year. For autumn and winter, you could go with thicker material and long sleeves, but you could even make your summer dresses work too. Team up with black tights and boots with a cosy jacket over for the perfect easy to wear autumn outfit. You don’t have to worry about coordinating tops to bottoms, they’re comfy and just easy to wear. What more could you possibly need?



When the colder weather comes, the wind and rain do too. So your pretty open toed shoes will no longer be any good. Boots are always a good choice, sturdy and comfy and keep your feet warm. Different lengths will look good with different outfits so decide what to choose based on what you wear most often. Ballet flats and pumps are another good choices, easy to wear and comfortable while still keeping your feet dry.

Excited For Autumn: Switching Up Your Look For The Months Ahead



Scarves, gloves and hats are obvious choices through the colder months. If your outfits are quite plain, accessories are a good way to bring in some colour and pattern. Dark reds and purples, navy blues and deep greens are great choices for the colder month. So if you’re always in black or neutrals, these are the perfect way to liven things up. Statement jewellery and bags are another way to do this, choose autumnal colours if you want to dress for the season.



Our skin has different needs throughout the year, so a change of season is a cue you need to update your skincare routine. While the sun can be drying to the skin, even more so is cold weather which can strip the moisture right out. Replace your day and night cream with something rich and hydrating, and don’t forget to use a lip balm every day. If you’re prone to cold sores, the colder weather is when they will start cropping up!



Another thing to switch up when the summer comes to an end is your makeup routine. When your tan starts to fade you will probably need a lighter foundation again. And to hide cheeks that have gone rosy from the cold, a higher coverage and matte finish will work best. Darker, vampier colours come back into fashion, and you can get away with wearing darker lipsticks in the daytime, purples and reds are both good choices. Wear with a neutral smokey eye to create balance, and you have the ideal fall look.

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