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How can men really be the classic gentlemen without sounding too cheesy or fully knowing what a woman likes? Third dates are particularly fun, when you’re still learning about each other while knowing that the energy is absolutely magical. And so begs the question, flowers or chocolate?

Flowers and chocolate are the staples for romanticism and demonstrating that you care for the other person. With this particular predicament, I recently came across this company called Gardenia’s fire and they combine both! The beauty of flowers with the heavenly taste of chocolates or sweets as a whole.

Gardenia’s Fire emphasizes in strengthening relationships, especially when we are trying to find something nice for our new love. This combination product is called cupcake bouquets and they are the most wonderful new fad. They are better than edible arrangements because who really wants a fruit basket when they can fall in love with dessert? Why choose between flowers or chocolate when you can have both?


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