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Manhattan, where? Many are discovering (what locals like myself already know) the unique adventures, sightseeing, spectacular views, eats, drinks, culture and nightlife that are to be found in Queens New York! Now you can experience it as a local with this guide which contains a perfect one day in Queens itinerary with the best things to do in Queens NY. I promise you that 24 hours in Queens New York won’t be enough.

Its in Queens New York

Coffee lovers?

Coffeed in Long Island City, Queens

For a leisure start to the day, chance to read the paper, and of course, enjoy a great cup of coffee, you must visit COFFEED, the coffee shop with a conscience. Located on Northern Boulevard and 37th street, COFFEED is a local and sustainable shop. It uses locally and ethically sourced ingredients and donates a percentage of food and drink sales to local charities. Here you will find great seating and comfortable environment. Everything’s fresh, and they even offer wine (just think, it’s happy hour somewhere!).

coffeed nyc - Long Island City

Food lover? Here are some options for you!

Thai Food in Queens, New York

Thailand Center Point in Woodside Queens, NY

If you love Thai cuisine, there is a hidden-gem in Woodside named, Thailand Center Point. It is a family-owned business that offers the most authentic Thai food around. Hint: If spicy food does not agree with you, mention it to your server (their “regular” level is medium spicy).

Crispy Papaya Salad - Thailand Center Point - Woodside, Queens, New York
Crispy Papaya Salad / Photo Credit:

French Cuisine in Queens New York

Cafe Triskell in Long Island City Queens

For French cuisine, a lovely restaurant in Long Island City, where the owner is also the chef, is called Café Triskell. It has an excellent lunch menu (actually, good for brunch and dinner too). Hint: Their special recipe of Chicken and Lamb Bisteeya is not to be missed…. you won’t regret it.

Chicken bisteeya - Cafe Triskell

Korean Cuisine in Queens New York

San Soo Kap San (24/7 Korean BBQ)

For amazing Korean BBQ in Flushing, go to San Soo Kap San – open 24/7.  These are just a few of my favorites. Obviously, there’s a diverse selection to keep us foodies satisfied.

San Soo Kap San Queens-NewYork

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Sports lover?

Tennis in Queens New York – US Open Location

Tennis, anyone? You should plan to go to the largest public tennis facility in the world, the USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center, especially to attend the US Open. It is a great experience.

AA_stadium_view_from_sky - USTA, US Open

Still Hungry after visiting this tennis facility?

Suggestion: Take the train one stop to Main Street and visit the Happy Family Hotpot (Chinese/Mongolian Cuisine) in Flushing where you can create your own soup! Start by choosing a spicy or cream based soup, and then select items to be added (options include various vegetables and meats). Best part, the pot’s cooking at your table.

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Best Things to do in Queens New York

Museum of the moving image – Astoria, Queens

The Museum of the moving image is a few blocks from my apartment. It is located in the formed building of the historic Astoria studios. I truly love going there, especially during events. It is the only museum in the United States that is devoted exclusively to the history, art and technology of movies, television and video. It has always amazing exhibits.

They have some great permanent exhibitions which are iconic such as the Muppets exhibition. It is full of the original work from all of Jim Henson’s various projects. A must see for film lovers!

Queens Museum NYC

After a good meal, it’s time to work off a few calories by exploring the history and culture of Queens. A visit to the Queens Museum is a must! It houses a 9,335-square-foot scaled-down architectural model panorama of all five boroughs. So you can “visit” all the boroughs at once! And the permanent collection includes a display of Tiffany glass, Salvador Dali paintings, crime scene photographs from the Daily News archives and more than 6,000 artifacts from the 1939 and 1964 World’s Fairs.

queens-museum-night-new york

Queens Botanical Garden

Prefer the outdoors? Visit the Queens Botanical Garden, with 40 acres of trees, shrubs, herbs and flower patches—Something is always blooming, no matter the season. There’s a Cherry Circle, Fragrance Walk, Perennial Garden, Arboretum, Pinetum and The Victorian Wedding Garden. Hint: Romantic setting that’s perfect for two!

Queens Botanical Garden - Wedding Garden - New York

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New York Mets, at CitiField

Sports fans know that Queens is the home of the New York Mets, at CitiField. Visit the Mets Hall of Fame & Museum, adjacent to the Jackie Robinson Rotunda. Mama’s of Corona is a popular Italian restaurant/café located in the shadows of the stadium (including an in-the-park stand, along with other restaurants).

Citifield - Queens - New York

Flushing Meadows Corona Park

Not a sports fan, never fear. Visit Flushing Meadows Corona Park, which is the second largest public space in all of NYC. With roughly 1,255 acres, it is about 1.5 times larger than Manhattan’s Central Park, and it hosts a wonderful mix of flora, fauna, waterways, paths, athletic facilities, statues and cultural organizations.

Unisphere - Flushing Meadows Corona Park / Photo Credit:
Unisphere – Flushing Meadows Corona Park / Photo Credit:

Best views of Manhattan from Queens New York

Queens also offers the best views (it’s not bragging if it’s true), happy hour spots and live entertainment venues.

The Z Hotel Rooftop in Long Island City

The Z Hotel Rooftop in Long Island City is not only a great place for drinks, music and food, but it also touts breathtaking views of the New York skyline.

Z hotel Rooftop

Ravel Hotel – Penthouse 808 Rooftop restaurant & bar

An great indoor/outdoor rooftop with lively music, great cocktails, great views of the Queensboro Bridge and Manhattan skyline plus a restaurant.

Long Island City Waterfront at Gantry Plaza State Park

Last but not least, visiting Queens would not be complete without visiting the Long Island City Waterfront at Gantry Plaza State Park. You can watch the sunset while drinking wine, beer or just tea/coffee. You get the best views of NYC from there.

NY Lady in Red Moving around Town In Style - Long Island City, New York City
Long Island City, New York

I really love how, from the Long Island City Promenade, you can get the best full panoramic view of the east side of Manhattan. I totally enjoy walking along this promenade. In the summer there are so many events in the area, especially on the LIC Landing. Note: You can also enjoy wine or coffee from the brand COFFEED at the Long Island City Waterfront.

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Perfect place for sangrias and Spanish dinner!

Cafe Ole in Long Island City Queens

Café Ole in Astoria mixes the best sangrias, pairing perfectly with their authentic paella. It is one of my favorite places and totally off-the-beaten-path.

Paella at Cafe Ole
Paella at Cafe Ole

Beer lover?

Prefer Beer? Also in Astoria, try the Bohemian Hall Beer Garden which offers a large selection of craft beer. Its competition, used to be Studio square, which also offered craft beer and included a rooftop, but unfortunately they closed.

Photo Credit:
Photo Credit:
The Loft at Studio Square - Long Island City - Astoria - New York - Queens
Memories from The Loft at Studio Square

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Now that’s what I call a perfect day in Queens New York. Final Hint: Feel free to rest and repeat your perfect day as often as needed. Manhattan, where? The real magic happens in Queens!

Want more?

Start by downloading the Expedia’s Travel Pocket Guide to New York

If you still want to keep discovering more of NYC, my friend, Karen Alexis put an amazing list of best places to go in New York. She mentions in her post that if you’re looking for the best food in New York, different neighborhoods, and culture without the crowds, Queens is where to come. We could not agree more.

10+ Free Things to do in NYC

A similar but less updated version of this post appeared first on the NY Daily News – August 27th, 2015 Publication. This article has been modified to reflect the current year. It was in collaboration with Queens Economic Development Corporation. As always, all opinions are my own.

For a Perfect Day is in Queens all the way - NY Daily News - Its in Queens - Queens Tourism

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