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Summer is racing toward its Labor Day expiration date – and while there’s still time to enjoy the season, the pressure is on for you to celebrate to the maximum the last summer’s weeks. This is why Dreams in Heels has rounded up an end-of-summer bucket list from Gilt City, the ultimate online destination for unforgettable and thrilling Big Apple experiences. See what we have for you below!

1. Picnic like Royalty

Forget the lunch bags and ratty blanket – experience the crème-de-la-crème of picnics courtesy of Gilt City and Perfect Picnic NYC. Enjoy a butler-serviced 2-hour picnic for 2 with the finest meats, cheeses, and crudité plus a complimentary bottle of Prosecco and delicious watermelon salad, all for 26% off ($259) on now.

Perfect Picnic


2. Flirt With Frida

Check out ‘Frida al Fresco’ Evenings at the New York Botanical Garden for 23% off when you buy a ticket here. For $27, you can take in this exotic and thought-provoking exhibit featuring Mexican botanical life and some rare works from the sensational Frida Kahlo.

Frida al Fresco


  1. Go Behind the Scenes of SNL

Experience a week in the life of the cast and crew of this comedy phenomenon. Meet SNL’s key players, past and present, and interact with sets, props, and costumes in a way only the cast has for the last 40 years.  Access for two adults, four adults, or the family is up to 40% off now on ($39-$69).



  1. Call Yourself Captain

Rent a beautiful boat within minutes on Try watersports, explore a local fishing hole, or set out on a leisurely sail on the tri-state area’s wonderful waterways. Save $100, $200 or $400 on by visiting starting August 24th.



  1. Vineyard Hop in the Hamptons

Embark on a luxurious day-trip on the spacious Hampton Luxury Liner – and tour three vineyards, sip the finest wines, and unwind during a live music performance, courtesy of Gilt City. Save up to 55% on these all-day wine tours for one or two people ($89-$165) on starting August 27th.

Hampton Luxury Liner


Take action now and plan your last summer escape with your other half, girl friends, a group or with hot guys! Speaking of which, let’s check out how these hot guys fear missing out. How would you react?

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