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In North America, 80% of cats and dogs sold are bred in kitten and puppy mills; yet, most of these animals end up in shelters.

If you’ve checked shelters and rescue groups, and still haven’t found “the one,” here are a few thoughts to consider.

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  1. Take time to evaluate your lifestyle! You need to figure out exactly what kind of dog or cat you need (e.g., a high energy dog to go running with, or a more calm dog to lounge on the couch with).
  2. Breed is no guarantee of temperament or likes and dislikes. Make sure that you get to know the individual animal.
  3. Find a responsible breeder. Responsible breeders don’t sell their puppies to the first person who shows up with cash in hand. They truly care about with whom each animal will end up.

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This is why, Pickapaw, a community platform for high quality pet breeders was founded in 2014. Their main goal is to help people to connect to the best responsible and professional cat and dog breeders in their region and find healthy purebred animals. Pickapaw is on a mission to bring transparency and accountability to the animal industry. They connect responsible animal breeders with pet lovers around the world. Pickapaw has served 43 countries and it is still growing!


Are you an animal lover? Be part of this global community for animal lovers today!

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